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in accordance with §§ 5 8 9 Air Traffic Safety Act

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More than 200 million passengers and more than 4 million tons of freight are protected from a wide variety of threats at German airports every year. KÖTTER Security is a partner for implementing these security services in connection with the Air Traffic Safety Act. 

Passenger and luggage checks

Whether they are tourist or business travelers, all airline passengers are subject to passenger and luggage checks. Our aviation security agents inspect passengers and their carry-on and checked luggage for dangerous and prohibited objects, under the supervision of the German Federal Police. Just like the actual flight itself, these checks are air passenger focused: a correspondingly high level of service is therefore also crucial in this area and is consequently an important component of employee selection and employee qualification. 

Security in sensitive areas

The apron and the airplanes are the most sensitive areas of an airport. On behalf of aviation companies, we safeguard parked aircraft from unauthorized access, perform aircraft and cabin inspection and inspect on-board provisions, including corresponding sealing.

Self-protection of the airport operator

In addition to air passengers, however, many other groups of people would like access to the various different security areas of an airport (such as freight and luggage areas, the apron with its runways, as well as the overall exterior areas): suppliers, airline personnel or tradespeople.

Before they may enter the secure areas, however, they must also be inspected by aviation security workers. Our trained employees take over the following responsibilities:

  • Area guarding and patrolling of non-public areas 
  • Securing of the apron area
  • Personnel and goods checks, as well as inspections of motor vehicles
  • Use of tracking dogs (drugs, explosives)
  • Accompanying and monitoring external parties (e.g. tradespeople and suppliers)