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Glass and facade cleaning

For a brilliant impression

Clean glass and window surfaces create the right perspective for employees and customers – and provide you with a clean image.

The first thing about your company that customers and employees perceive every day are the company premises. Starting here, you already need to leave a good impression. Dirty window panes, smudged glass doors and windows and graffiti on the facade clearly don't fit the image. When you want to make a brilliant impression, rely on glass and facade cleaning by KÖTTER Cleaning.

Glass fascination

Glass is one of the most sought-after building materials in modern architecture: in addition to windows, facades, roofs and walls are also built from glass. Just as quickly as glass on and inside buildings can fascinate us, it can also rapidly lose its appeal if it isn't regularly cleaned and maintained – preferably by professionals.

What to look for

Not all glass is created equal. And not all dirt is created equal. The wrong cleaning materials and the wrong cleaning methods can quickly destroy your glass surfaces. Scratches, "blind" panes and baked-on dirt are the consequences that you and your visitors will then always see. Have your interior and exterior glass surfaces cleaned regularly by specialists – KÖTTER Cleaning can advise you on what your glass surfaces need.

From old building facade to entrance door

Dirty facades unconsciously suggest that the owner doesn't place much stock in cleanliness, even if this may not even nearly be the case throughout the rest of the property. A dirty facade doesn't only harm your image, however. When weather leaves traces behind on the walls, this can damage the building structure depending on the degree of contamination. KÖTTER Cleaning maintains the value of your building. In doing so,we consider all of the requirements that are important for your company and develop customized solutions – from the heavily frequented revolving door at the entrance to the sensitive facade of a landmarked old building.

Your benefits

With these advantages, you can expect at KÖTTER Cleaning:

  • Convincing image for visitors and customers
  • Long-term value retention of the building
  • Satisfied employees through comfortable working atmosphere