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KÖTTER SmartControl

The electronic security log by KÖTTER Security


ATM service oprtal

Full service for your automatic machines by KÖTTER Cash and Valuables Services



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The customer portal of KÖTTER Personal Service

The KÖTTER Services employee portal

Maintenance cleaning

Professional cleaning services for more cleanliness and retention of value

A maintained ambiance makes the best impression

Cleanliness in your business is important. Why? It gives employees and visitors a positive impression and simultaneously retains the value of your property. We customize frequency and cleaning times to your individual needs.

Maintenance cleaning from A to Z

Comprehensive maintenance cleaning extends from A for auxiliary rooms to Z for loading zone. With us, you have professionals at your side who will personally attend to your needs and requirements. Those needs and requirements differ significantly from business to business: from the structure of the building to the surface finish of the floors to the operating and production times with which cleaning services must be coordinated. Let us prepare a customized cleaning concept for your offices, and more.

A trained outlook for more cleanliness

Anyone can tidy up; only a few can clean professionally When our specialists analyze a property to be cleaned, they don't only think in terms of "clean" and "dirty." Instead, they consider: heavy through traffic; lighting behind ceiling glass; laminate in the conference room, carpet in the office; deionized water, and much more.

Proper cleanliness is your concern and our mandate. Rely on KÖTTER Cleaning for cleaning your spaces. For optimal cleaning results, we rely on specially trained employees.

With education and training, we regularly inform our staff about the latest in application technology and the right way to handle a variety of cleaning equipment, accident prevention regulations and first aid measures.

Sustainably clean

As a family business, we consider ourselves responsible for leaving the environment intact for future generations. That's why our cleaning services always keep our sustainability concept in mind, in which we are committed to environmental protection. 

Consequently, KÖTTER Cleaning has been certified according to "DIN EN ISO 14001" since 2012.

Your benefits

  • Satisfied employees through comfortable working atmosphere
  • Long term retention of value of equipment and inventory
      • Perpetually clean working and production environments
      • Convincing image for visitors and customers