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Alarm management systems

Always. Everywhere. Simultaneously.

Intelligent and efficient alarm data handling

Modern office buildings, production facilities, company grounds  – the widest variety of security systems are used to protect your business. But how do you maintain an overview of all of these systems and numerous locations?

The solution

You maintain an overview with a management system in which all security applications are integrated. Messages from integrated access control, fire or intrusion systems and images from video surveillance installations come together here, where they can be viewed and processed. This makes the monitoring of complex areas, as well as multiple, even international locations much easier.

Integration of technical building equipment (TBE)

In addition to security technology sections, the alarm management system enables integration of the widest variety of your building services technology, such as heating or air conditioning systems, elevators or refrigeration systems. Notifications from refrigeration systems, stalled elevators or defective air conditioning systems can be responded to immediately.

An overview of the systems

  • Access controls
  • Visitor management
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Inventory management
  • Communication systems
  • Identity management
  • Video surveillance
  • Technical building automation
  • Area management
  • Information & network security
  • Wireless access and identification systems

LENEL Value Added Reseller

KÖTTER Security networks all building and alarm systems company-wide as a Value Added Reseller of LENEL. Since 2010, we have relied on the LENEL OnGuard alarm management software.

Your benefits

  • Early detection of system deviations and prevention of consequential damages
  • Documentation and individual evaluation of all processes, changes and events
  • An overview of all systems worldwide
  • Control all global systems from one central location