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The aspect of security in corporate and regulatory environmental protection

Businesses in many industries face ever increasing challenges with ecological influence in their daily operations: whether in production, logistics or disposal. Want to play it safe when it comes to environmental protection? KÖTTER Security can support you in the planning, implementation and monitoring of ecological standards.

In many companies, the daily handling of dangerous or environmentally hazardous materials is part of the routine: whether it's oil for operating machines and plants, the use of chemicals in the production process or the industrial use of corrosive materials. Whenever such materials are used, there is always the question of environmental protection. That's where KÖTTER Security comes into play: we support your business with numerous services and trainings in the management of regulatory and corporate environmental protection.

Dangerous goods

The legally compliant and environmentally conscious handling of hazardous materials is complex: how may hazardous materials be transported? What special characteristics must be observed for storage? And which rules have to be considered during daily operations, such as in production? KÖTTER Security can provide you with the answers to these and many other questions.

Recycling management

From the medium-sized manufacturing operation to the international chemicals corporation: the handling of waste and residual materials is becoming more and more important. The waste specialist provided by KÖTTER Security will show you possibilities for waste prevention, inform you of reutilization opportunities for numerous materials and advise you on the proper disposal of hazardous materials.

Diverse services

KÖTTER Security's environmental protection services portfolio is a large one: we provide hazardous goods specialists, provide training on the handling of hazardous goods in accordance with ADR, monitor work, advise you on everything relating to recycling management and support the management of your corporate environmental protection. We perform security analyses and audit and develop appropriate measures for your business in a correspondingly well-founded and foresighted manner.