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We support you on your path to becoming a known consignor and regulated agent – and beyond...

The security regulations for air freight have been enormously intensified in recent years. Air freight must be classified as secure before it can be loaded and transported. However, only "regulated agents" or "known consignors" may declare air freight secure.

So that air traffic passengers do not represent a risk, they and their luggage are inspected with exacting detail before boarding an aircraft. Passengers aren't the only source of possible danger in aviation, however. Air freight can also represent a security risk. For that reason, air freight may only be loaded and transported by airlines if it is classified as secure. To this end, the air freight must either be subjected to a cost and time-intensive security inspection before every transport/flight, or your company has approval as a "known consignor" or "regulated agent" and can automatically declare freight secure, in compliance with various security regulations. We advise and accompany you through all processes of the approval procedure to becoming a known consignor and regulated agent.


We advise you based on a well-founded weak point analysis and collaboratively create the required security concept with you, as well as all necessary procedural and operational instructions. We qualify your employees, take care of the required quality assurance measures and accompany you through to successfully passing the approval audit. Of course, we are there for you after official approval is granted, as well: we regularly train your employees, support you in performing the annual audit and keep your security concept up to date.

Our training offering

  • "Personnel performing other security checks for freight and postal mail"
    Aviation security training according to Chapter of DVO (EU) 2015/1998
    This training (6 instructional units) is a requirement for "Regulated agent" and "Known consignor," which have access to identifiable air freight and perform other security checks for freight and postal mail.
  • "Security officer"
    Aviation security training according to Chapter 11.2.5 of DVO (EU) 2015/1998 
    Training (34 instructional units) for people who bear responsibility for a security program and its implementation conforming to all legal requirements on the national or local level.

We are happy to offer additional individualized training (e.g. repeat training / refreshers) according to Chapter 11 of VO (EU) No. 2015/1998. Contact us!  

Quality assurance Our training offering

The creation of a security concept alone is not a guarantee for more security. The implemented measures based on this concept must be subjected to regular inspection. This is in order to enable the greatest possible security, first of all, and secondly to meet the high standards of continuous status checks and external inspections by the German Federal Aviation Authority, for example. We support you with implementing the necessary measures. KÖTTER Security analyzes and evaluates your relevant processes, illuminates potential for optimization and, with internal audits, prepares you for external inspections.

Would you like more information about our complete package? We look forward to hearing from you.