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Psychological acute intervention

First aid following accidents, attacks and traumatic incidents

Healthy employees for a healthy business

We often think it can only happen to someone else: an accident, an attack, a severe illness – and suddenly the world is no longer like it once was.

Healthy employees are worth their weight in gold

It happens without warning and often has dramatic effects for the victims, even if they remain physically unaffected: witnessing a severe work-related accident, a hold-up, act of violence or a corporate crisis. To ensure that such psychological stresses don't have any long-term consequences, prevention and comprehensive support are crucial.

Rehabilitation is not only important for the affected individuals. It also has significant relevance for the economy. About one third of victims suffer long-term effects such as anxiety; in many, the consequences of trauma can lead to disability. Others find a new job so as to not be continually reminded of what they have experienced. For companies, the costs due to illness, loss of experienced employees and re-hiring can often total tens of thousands of euros.

It's easy to support your employees

The focus here is on so-called acute intervention, in which the victims of acts of violence, work-related accidents, etc. are counseled directly on site. The goal is to prevent the occurrence of negative long-term consequences through rapid psychological support. With corresponding prevention offerings and comprehensive support in the case of traumatic events, you underscore your sense of responsibility to your employees. You will quickly find that modern health management pays for itself. TERAPON is the right partner for this.


TERAPON Consulting GmbH

TERAPON, a company of the KÖTTER Group, was founded in Essen in 2007 and specializes in efficient healthcare management . The CEO is the renowned trauma expert, Dr. Christian Lüdke. For customers from all branches of the economy, TERAPON ( and its network of experienced psychologists are available and on duty around the clock – across Germany and Europe.

Many benefits for you, as an employer

  • Health advantage

    Rapid psychological support, at any time, nationwide, prevents the occurrence of negative long-term consequences.

  • Long-term effects

    Through a qualified intervention by experienced experts, personalized solutions are developed for victims in order to prevent extended absences or even permanent disability.

  • The cost benefit

    Time is money. It's not speed that is crucial in restoring health, but the right timing. Performing the right intervention at the right time helps to save costs and restore health more quickly.
  • Image advantage

    Caring for employees and their families demonstrates appreciation and a sense of responsibility to customers.