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The KÖTTER Group has grown in recent decades. Here we will show you which companies are part of it.

Active brands


Founded in 1979, OSD SCHÄFER GmbH & Co. KG (based in Karlsruhe) has been a 100% KÖTTER Group company since 2014. As well as classic security services, OSD SCHÄFER specialises in safeguarding critical infrastructures, especially nuclear power plants and institutions.

German Business Protection

German Business Protection (GBP) was founded in 2012 in Berlin by the KÖTTER Group. GBP offers companies, management, non-government organisations (NGOs) and private clients consultation services as integrated risk management, with a focus on security and compliance.


TERAPON Consulting GmbH was founded in 2007 in Essen by the KÖTTER Group, and specialises in efficient health and safety management. For Dr Christian Lüdke and his team, this means fast, nationwide and long-term help for traumatised people, or people with other psychological issues.

Integrated brands


The ARNDT Group, based in Fürth, was founded in 1925 in Nuremberg and has been a full company of the KÖTTER Group since 2018. In 1992, ARNDT was the first security company in Germany to be certified under DIN ISO 9000. In 2022, the "accretion" to the existing companies of the KÖTTER Security Group took place.

I.S.E. Alarm-Service Berlin GmbH

I.S.E. Alarm-Service Berlin GmbH was founded in 2002 in the capital and specialises in alarm tracking, intervention services, lift rescue as well as precinct guard services. In 2019, I.S.E. Alarm-Service Berlin GmbH was taken over by KÖTTER Security (Berlin) and merged with the latter in 2022.


Founded in 1976, the Bonn-based INTER Group (with the divisions INTERSCHUTZ, INTERCLEAN and INTERSERVICE) was taken over by the KÖTTER Group in 2011. With rebranding in 2013, the group was fully integrated into existing KÖTTER Group companies.

Wachschutz Paderborn

Founded in 1968 and predominantly active in east Westphalia, Wachschutz Paderborn joined the KÖTTER Group in 2008. The company has been trading as KÖTTER Security GmbH since 2009.

GSW Sicherheit und Werkschutz

GSW Sicherheit und Werkschutz GmbH was founded in Saarbrücken in 1999, and joined the KÖTTER Group in 2008. With rebranding in 2011, the company was completely integrated into one of the KÖTTER Group companies.

Wachdienst Bürder

Wachdienst Bürder, founded in the Ruhr region in 1964, joined the KÖTTER Group in 2006. The company was rebranded in 2008, and subsequently integrated completely into the KÖTTER Group.

ABAKUS Personalüberlassung

ABAKUS Personalüberlassung GmbH, founded in 1993 and based in Cologne, was taken over by KÖTTER Personal Service in 2005. Integration into the KÖTTER Group was finalised with rebranding in 2007.

Control Risk Management

Control Risk Management GmbH, founded in north Germany, has been a part of the KÖTTER Group since the beginning of 2005.

Bielefelder Heimschutz

"Bielefelder Heimschutz" was founded in 1933 and taken over by the KÖTTER Group in 2004. It was then rebranded as KÖTTER Security GmbH in 2007.

Düsseldorfer Wach- und Schließgesellschaft

Founded in 1903, the Düsseldorfer Wach- und Schließgesellschaft (Düsseldorf Surveillance & Security Company) was taken over by the KÖTTER Group in 1995. With rebranding in August 2009, the company was completely integrated into an existing KÖTTER Group company.

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