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Formular Kontakt-Layer EN

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Industry specific personnel solutions

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Skilled workers and company executives for your industry

Those who demonstrate the greatest possible flexibility in staffing are often a decisive step ahead of their competition. With the skilled workers and company executives from KÖTTER Personnel Services, you stay flexible.

Our range of services for your industry

You have the work; we have the personnel

Temporary work, loan work or employee leasing – temporary staffing has many names, but only one goal: more leeway in the allocation of human resources.

For your business, that means that short or long-term personnel bottlenecks are bridged with the help of qualified and trained employees, taking the burden off your permanent staff. 

Room to maneuver during order peaks

You manage existing orders with your permanent staff. But how do you respond if your customer announces a large order on short notice that you cannot manage with your current team in the foreseeable future? By turning it down, you could lose your customer. 

Our skilled workers and company executives are available to you for precisely these sorts of short and long-term assignments. Integrated into your existing team, we collaboratively master every job. 

Compensating for vacation and illness

Work never takes a vacation, but your staff does. As an employer, you have to forgo between 30 and 45 days for each of your employees every year due to vacations and illnesses. That doesn't stop the work from coming in, however. The work then has to be done by colleagues with overtime hours or, in the worst case, it simply doesn't get done.

Imagine if you didn't have to forgo a single of your employees' days: how much of a benefit could you achieve? You can count on the temporary work solutions from KÖTTER Personnel Services. Our employees supplement your team, enabling the smooth continuation of your daily business.

Seasonal differences

Nearly every industry has its high season: retail and logistics operate around the clock at Christmas and Easter, auto shops are maxed out with tire changes in the spring and early winter. Outdoor restaurants and beverage shops look forward to sales-heavy summer. And insurance companies experience a true boom in requests from customers and prospective clients every year in advance of notice periods.

When it's time for your business to "roll up its sleeves:" our specialists are there to pitch in. 

Bonus points:

  • You determine the duration of the assignment.
  • Now you can accept every order – we will support you with the right personnel.
  • Skilled workers and company executives for every task.
  • We take responsibility for finding the right skilled worker.