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Your access to the digital KÖTTER world

KÖTTER SmartControl

The electronic security log by KÖTTER Security


ATM service oprtal

Full service for your automatic machines by KÖTTER Cash and Valuables Services



Digital cash logistics by KÖTTER Cash and Valuables Services



The customer portal of KÖTTER Personal Service

The KÖTTER Services employee portal

Office & IT

Skilled workers and company executives for your administration

Personnel for all departmentsand levels of hierarchy

Whether accounting, human resources, marketing or IT: the administration holds your business together. Skilled workers and company executives are desperately sought after in all departments. You can find them at KÖTTER Personnel Services.

When IT projects are delayed and threaten to fail, when outgoing invoices and incoming payments are not monitored and when the purchasing department can't source the products and goods that are so urgently required due to reasons of capacity, you should expand your team with qualified skilled workers and company executives. KÖTTER Personnel Services places and lends employees for all levels of hierarchy and departments:

  • General administration
  • Education and training
  • Controlling
  • Purchasing
  • Reception & information
  • Facility management
  • Fleet
  • IT
  • Marketing & PR
  • Organization
  • Human resources & recruiting
  • Mailroom & courier service
  • Quality management
  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • <
  • Secretary
  • Sales
  • Insurance
  • Contract management

Temporary staffing, direct placement or both

Regardless of whether it's for direct placement or to bridge short and long-term personnel bottlenecks: we will find the right solution to your needs, together. We can take over the entire process for direct placement of new employees, if you wish: from needs analysis to applicant search and selection to contract negotiation. Temporary staffing is the answer for stand-ins due to illness or vacation, or to bridge multi-month order peaks, for example. However, both are also possible: if you're unsure about the direct placement of a candidate, temporary staffing gives you the opportunity to get to know your potential new employee "live" and "on the job" for several weeks or months before you permanently hire him or her.

There for you, nationwide

Where do you operate? Regionally, cross-regionally or even nationally? Wherever your company is located, KÖTTER Personnel Services is not far away. At our locations across Germany, we rely on regional decision-makers in order to be able to quickly and flexibly respond to your demands.