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Security services for trade shows and events

When hundreds or even thousands of people gather at one location, the utmost attention is required: thefts, minor disputes and arguments can quickly lead to outright riots and can explosively charge the atmosphere. Don't leave the matter of security to chance. As an event organizer and host, trust in the customized security solutions from KÖTTER Security.

Whether its an annual meeting, a party congress, a trade show or a public event:

security must be the priority at events of this size. Board members and politicians must be protected from possible demonstrations and riots, trade show exhibitors must be provided with a secure environment for the presentation of their products and services, and guests and visitors to the event must be allowed to have a proper and untarnished experience. 

Services for a successful event

Is your checklist for event planning nearly endless? You can cross of some of the items when you rely on KÖTTER Security:  

  • Analysis of security requirements
  • Monitoring of setup and dismantling work
  • Monitoring of equipment (day/overnight)
  • Chauffeur and shuttle services
  • Entrance and access controls
  • Creation of security and fire protection concepts in consideration of regulatory requirements
  • Cloakroom services
  • Cashier and information services
  • Parking space management
  • Identity and luggage checks (incl. technology)
  • Personal protection and VIP service 
  • Medical services
  • Securing restricted areas (backstage, stages, halls, trade show booths, etc.)
  • Patrol services over the entire event area


Reliable specialists

KÖTTER Security employs qualified specialists at events. Our employees are not only trained in your field, they also know what to do in case of exceptional circumstances (e.g. evacuation measures). In addition, we rely on our expertise in direct customer contact. After all, dealing sensitively with a wide variety of people pays double the benefits: it contributes to greater security and has an equally beneficial effect on your positive image as a host.

Renowned examples

KÖTTER Security has successfully taken part in a series of renowned events as security services provider in recent years:

  • World Youth Day 2005, with more than 1,000,000 visitors from around the world
  • Inauguration celebration of the RUHR.2010 culture capital with numerous guests from politics (incl. Horst Köhler, José Manuel Barroso), the economy and show business (incl. Herbert Grönemeyer) 
  • "NRW Day 2014" with approx. 250,000 visitors 
  • Numerous party congress days at the state and national levels
  • Annual meetings of many different DAX companies.