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Individual control of doors and gates

The security of your business already begins with access inspections on the premises and is supplemented by checkpoints at individual entrances in administration, warehouse and production. With custom-tailored electronic access control solutions, you minimize numerous hazards and risks that can occur due to unauthorized access: break-ins, theft, industrial espionage, vandalism, and much more.

The early morning is a bustle – many different employees are entering the premises. For criminals, it's the ideal time to mix in unnoticed and gain access to the most important areas. Important documents, company secrets or technical equipment can be stolen in an instant. With a comprehensive access control solution, you can ensure that only authorized personnel gain access to administration, research or production areas.

Flexible access control - for 10 or 10,000 people

KÖTTER Security plans, installs and maintains access control systems with flexibility: the number of cards, transponders and card readers used at the passageways to be secured and the depth of the authorization structure can be individually customized and enables expansions and modifications at any time.

Management software governs access to the individual areas. This enables the assignment of individual and group authorizations, as well as the precise control, monitoring and documentation of all personnel movements at all defined entrances, gates and passageways.

Mechanical locking system vs. digital access control technology

Whoever has a key to your business has unrestricted access, at any time. With digital access control technology, you can specify precisely who receives access to which areas and at what time. And if a card or a transponder is lost, they can simply be de-authorized. It's a clear advantage over conventional locking technology, in which a lost of the master key means the complete replacement of the entire locking system. And that can get expensive. Very expensive.


Biometric access control

What is found in the latest smart phone generation can also be implemented for your business: controlled access based on biometric identifiers. Whether fingerprint, iris or vein pattern: the human body is unique in many respects. The use of biometric identifiers for access control offers decisive advantages: in contrast to keys and cards, fingers, eyes and hands cannot be lost and also cannot be given to unauthorized parties.

Close the security loop

With interconnection of access control technology to the KÖTTER Security emergency and service control center, the complete system can be monitored around the clock and even operated remotely when needed. If the entrances are additionally equipped with video surveillance, the corresponding images are transmitted directly to the control center in case of an access control alarm. An assessment of the situation, a corresponding response or later reconnaissance is then possible.

Additional comfort

In addition to access control, cards or transponders can be used in many other areas:

  • In attendance time registration
  • For paying in the cafeteria
  • For activation of machines and devices

Additional comfort

In addition to access control, cards or transponders can be used in many other areas:

  • In attendance time registration
  • For paying in the cafeteria
  • For activation of machines and devices