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Since 1934, the KÖTTER Group has operated on the market as an independent family business and will remain so into the future. Today, the corporate group is managed by Friedrich P. Kötter and his sister Martina Kötter, the third generation. 

The strategy of the family business is aligned for the long term. Our approach and investments are consequently not aligned with short-term market success; rather, we are interested in long-term partnerships with our customers.

Always in the lead

As a future-oriented company, we are always looking ahead. We are familiar with the innova-tions of the sectors, use the opportunities the markets present and are open for everything suit-ing our core competences. Thus, we secure our clear lead that ensures further progress for our customers.

Always convincing

The joy good quality provides lasts much longer than a brief reminiscence of a cheap purchase. Therefore, we deliver best quality: from consultation via concept development to the perfect im-plementation. You can count on it.

Always creative

Our employees use their brains: They come up with new ideas and suggest ways to optimise routines which we examine and implement. Thus, our customers benefit from a continuously in-creasing range of services, efficient processes and innovations.

Constant dialogue

Open communication distinguishes our conduct with employees, business partners and the public. The advantage: We establish partnerships based on trust.

Always together

The cooperation with our employees is based on fairness, trust and reliability. We live team-work, mutual consideration and appreciation.

Always responsible

Securing training and jobs, fairness in competition, environmentally responsible behaviour: We accept social responsibility and are actively involved in the social, cultural area as well as in sports.

Always distinct

Our standard is based on the wishes of our customers: As an independent, family-owned enter-prise we hold firm to this tradition. Therefore, we always offer customised solutions to our cus-tomers. Today and in the future.


The following requirements of this code of conduct form a joint guideline to realise our corporate values and goals. The code is aimed at all employees and serves as an implementation compo-nent of our compliance guidelines applicable group-wide. Strict observance of its rules, all other laws, directives and internal instructions are expected of every person.

Compliance with statutory provisions

In all our activities, we comply with all applicable legislation, regulations, standards, directives and the numerous sector-specific requirements.

Compliance with labour-law provisions and those collectively agreed

We especially observe the regulations on occupational safety, minimum pay and the respective collective bargaining law applicable to us. We also assume responsibility for the health and safety of our employees. This includes the mitigation of risks by ensuring the best preventive measures possible against work accidents and occupational diseases as well as the proper in-struction of our employees regarding potential workplace risks.


Equal treatment and non-discrimination

We treat all employees as equals, irrespective of their skin colour, ethnic or social origin, na-tionality, their sex, their age, culture, sexual identity or orientation, possible handicaps, religious, philosophical or political belief or membership in an employee organisation. Decisions regarding attitudes, promotions or further education programmes are made according to skills and qualifi-cations.

Child labour / employment of young people

We warrant that we will comply with the provisions of the core labour standards and conven-tions of the International Labour Organization of the United Nations for preventing child labour, forced labour, compulsory labour and/or illegal employment as amended, and place its suppliers and subcontractors under a similar obligation.


We require our suppliers and subcontractors to familiarise themselves with and observe the contents of the afore-mentioned guidelines.

Fair competition

We are committed to compete fairly with our competitors and business partners according to the existing market rules. There will be no anti-competitive agreements.

Avoiding conflicts of interests

We make decisions exclusively in the interest of the company. Private and non-business con-cerns do not affect corporate decisions.

Bribery and corruption

We do not tolerate any form of bribery and corruption. Accordingly, no unlawful payment offers are furnished or accepted, especially the decision making process of government officials and/ or public bodies is neither affected or an attempt is made to affect it by unlawful contributions.

Environmental protection

We commit to environmental protection and a responsible handling of natural resources. This is an integral part of KÖTTER’s corporate philosophy. We as a family-owned enterprise see it as our responsibility to pass on a sound environment to the generations to come. In this context, we declare that we will comply with all relevant regulations under environmental law and pro-mote environmental protection.

Handling assets

We are committed to the protection and preservation of the assets entrusted to us. For this pur-pose, we use state-of-the-art technology, products and procedures. Each employee is trained in the responsible handling of third party property.

Data protection & information security

We process personal data, especially those of our employees, business partners and third par-ties, solely according to the data protection regulations. Personal data will only be processed on a legal basis.
All information and findings on our business partners becoming known within the services pro-vided and requiring confidentiality, will be treated confidentially and not be disclosed. We only use the information obtained for the purpose of handling and proper execution of the business relationships.
All information not subject to any obligation of secrecy is also protected by suitable measures. All employees are obliged to maintain confidentiality with regard to the handling of personal da-ta and information.