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Public passenger transport

Infrastructural facility management for public passenger transport

Service right down the line

More than eleven billion passengers use public passenger transport each year. Security, cleanliness, service and comfort play important roles in their decisions to ride the bus and trains. At the same time, transportation companies face significant challenges from financial pressure, as well as problems such as vandalism, soiling, theft or fare evasion.

An overview of our public passenger transport services

Would you like a customized service package? Contact us – we would be happy to advise you on its design and implementation.


  • Alarm management systems
  • Safety at work and environmental protection
  • Connection to
  • facility fire service
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Fire protection and evacuation concepts
  • Fire guarding
  • Intrusion systems
  • Receptionist services
  • Timetable and fare information
  • Ticket control
  • Gas and fire stations
  • Monetary supply and collection of ticket vending machines KÖTTER Emergency and service control center
  • Courier services
  • Perimeter protection
  • Prevention of misdemeanors
  • Quality controls and passenger surveys
  • Passenger guidance
  • Area guarding
  • Locking services
  • Separate guard services and training
  • Video systems
  • Economic investigation and risk consulting
  • Access control systems


  • Exterior and landscape upkeep
  • Construction completion cleaning
  • Professional maintenance and sealing of vehicle interior floors
  • Vehicle interior cleaning and waste removal
  • Facade cleaning and maintenance
  • Graffiti removal
  • Machine and system cleaning
  • Driver cockpit cleaning
  • Cleaning of bus shelters, customer centers, toilet facilities, etc.
  • Sanitary facility cleaning
  • Maintenance and glass cleaning
  • Traffic route cleaning
  • Washroom concepts
  • Winter services

Human resources services

  • Entry and exit service
  • Skilled and temporary workers for workshops and maintenance (e.g. industrial mechanics, welders, locksmiths, fork-lift truck drivers)
  • Skilled and temporary workers in the commercial area (e.g. bookkeping, secretaries)
  • Passenger surveys
  • Caretaker services
  • IT specialists
  • Restructuring of operational workflows
  • On-site management
  • Outsourcing in connection with service and plant contracts
  • Human resources consulting for finding suitable applicants
  • Process support and implementation
  • Quality controls
  • Mailroom and courier delivery services, as well as telephone switchboard

Your advantages

    • Fleet value retention

      Regular cleaning, service and maintenance provide for fleet value retention.
    • Short downtimes

      Fast repairs quickly put vehicles back into service.
    • Reliable numbers

      Calculation security through transparent pricing design
    • Optimized security

      Improved protection measures and passengers' increased security awareness lead to lower insurance premiums, more acceptance and new customers.
    • Improved quality of service

      All employees with passenger contact complete public passenger transport-specific training. Their applied knowledge leaves a positive impression on your passengers and increases customer loyalty.
    • Revenue protection

      Regular inspections on all lines increase revenues.

    Service right down the line for public passenger transport.

    The ticket control team from KÖTTER Security gets started early in the morning. Tactful interactions with passengers and knowledge of fares form the basis for good service, which is supplemented by passenger information at train stations and stops. The team's presence also helps to prevent misdemeanors and provides for a pronounced awareness of security in passengers. The security specialists are also on the train with receptionist and locking services for protection of administration and operations buildings. Property protection is completed by area guarding and separate guard services. Security technology with modern video equipment additionally contributes to depot protection against vandalism and graffiti sprayers. Cash & valuables services are a reliable mainstay for monetary collection from ticket sales and for management of ticket dispensing machines.

    Everyday transport leaves a mark

    "Spring cleaning" is a daily occurrence for trains and buses: KÖTTER Cleaning restores dirty windows to a high polish and removes even stubborn stains on floors and seats with professional equipment.  

    The team also takes care of cleaning the driver's cockpit and sealing of the linoleum floors. At terminal stations, KÖTTER Cleaning takes care of toilet facility cleaning. Since well-maintained spaces are the best business cards, the cleaning crews also keep administration and customer centers in shape with maintenance and glass cleaning.

    Flexible support for personnel bottlenecks

    The skilled and temporary workers from KÖTTER Personnel Services support transportation companies by covering order peaks, projects or bridging bottlenecks due to illness and vacations.

    Psychological first aid in case of emergency

    In case of an attack or accident, TERAPON Consulting GmbH (part of the KÖTTER Group) provides acute psychological support, diagnosis and arrangement of therapies. Preventive behavioral training reduces the risk of psychological stress responses.