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Occupational and health safety

Safety first

Foresight is better than hindsight

Fail to pay attention once, and it happens – a work accident. Now, the reasons are investigated and questions are asked: was everything properly secured and identified? Was instruction provided? Is the personal safety equipment appropriate and was it used completely? To make sure it never gets that far, KÖTTER Security supports you in all matters relating to occupational and health safety.

Things happened quickly

Whether in manufacturing, in a chemicals lab or in logistics: in every industry and in every company, there are many risks to employees' health. The law holds the employer responsible for their protection. According to the Occupational Safety Act, the employer must designate a "work safety officer."

Prevention is trump

Before an accident even occurs, however, we prefer to act preventively from the start. We analyze your work processes and detect risks. We localize points of danger and increase your employees' level of safety awareness. Together with you, we then decide which immediate actions and which long-term measures must be performed.

Whether it comes to outdated risk assessments, current jurisprudence on occupational safety, new hazardous materials regulations or revised measures for accident prevention – our experts (specialists in work safety and trained safety and health protection coordinators) comprehensively support you and your business. For occupational safety that protects your employees as much as it does your good reputation.


Diverse services

Our specialists take on a variety of responsibilities in order to advance occupational safety and health protection in your business, such as:

  • Supporting the employer with occupational safety and accident prevention
  • Consulting for all matters relating to occupational safety and humane workplace design
  • Performing SiGeKo (safety & health coordinator) supervision of construction projects
  • Creation of safety and health protection plans
  • Creation of risk assessments, operating instructions, hazardous substances registers, escape and rescue plans, fire department plans and documentation for later construction work
  • Performing of occupational safety instruction

Training and continuing education of your employees

The KÖTTER Academy is the in-house education and training facility of the KÖTTER Group. We have many different trainings for you and your employees, particularly in the area of occupational safety and health protection, such as:

  • Fire protection assistant
  • Evacuation assistant
  • Training as first responder
  • Training as emergency response officer
  • Hazardous goods and load securing