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A boom for quality services

Infrastructural facility services for cities, states and country

Hand in hand with public authorities

Municipalities, cities and states must adhere to strict policies of austerity. Cooperation with private service providers is an efficient and intelligent alternative to rigorous use of the red pen and eliminating services for citizens.

An overview of our services for the public sector

Would you like a customized service package? Contact us – we would be happy to advise you on its design and implementation.


  • Workplace health and safety and environmental protection
  • Connection to the KÖTTER control center
  • Occupational rescue services
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Intrusion systems
  • Receptionist services
  • Cash in transit and cash processing
  • Perimeter protection
  • Acute psychological intervention, e.g. after attacks
  • Area guarding
  • Security services at airports
  • Security services for ports and ships
  • Security services for penal institutions
  • Security and inspection services in public transport
  • Traffic services
  • Video monitoring
  • Plant protection and separate guard services
  • Access control technology


  • Building site cleaning
  • Glass and facade cleaning
  • Basic and special cleaning
  • Caretaker services
  • Cleaning & service in healthcare
  • Cleaning and maintenance of exterior areas
  • Daily and service staff
  • Maintenance cleaning
  • Winter services

Human resources and services

  • Skilled workers and company executives in the commercial area (e.g. bookkeeping, secretaries, human resources)
  • Craftspeople for support in depots and workshops
  • Mailroom and courier delivery services, as well as telephone switchboard

Your advantages

  • High availability

    Fulfillment of special requirements to bridge personnel bottlenecks (high employee availability, availability outside of business hours).
  • Reliable data

    Reliable service planning (qualified replacement in case of shortfall) and fixed budgets.
  • Customer-specific human resources planning

    Design of a customized human resources concept.
  • On site

    Guaranteed intervention times, fast decision-making, one point of contact.
  • Reliable calculation

    Calculation security through transparent pricing design
  • Bundled services

    Everything from one source – from infrastructural buildings services to system solutions in the operator model.
  • Nationwide standard

    Standardized services available nationwide with additional possibilities for options.
  • Documented quality

    Certified in accordance with DIN  ISO 9001 (quality management) and DIN 14001 (environmental management).
  • More capacity

    Relief for personnel and cost-intensive processes.

From the employment agency to the inner city to the zoo

The public sector is a broad field – the management of public infrastructure is one of the primary tasks of cities and communities.
Enormous personnel and financial efforts are required in order to ensure smooth operation in all institutions. Efforts in which the public sector can rely on professional partners.

Focus on public security

The inhibition threshold is falling: starting with daily assaults in public passenger transport, to blatant vandalism in gardens and parks, to attacks on administration workers at employment agencies and social workers.
In order to protect citizens, employees and public institutions, more and more cities and municipalities are relying on KÖTTER Security. Security workers patrol inner cities and public squares, check tickets on buses and trains and ensure that things run smoothly at public events. Employment agencies, municipal offices and court houses are increasingly relying on a combination of security technology and security personnel for protection of employees.
Last but not least, transfer of cash handling in administrations and public offices to a private service provider adds a bonus to security.

Clean real estate

Whether in the tax office, town hall or university – KÖTTER Cleaning provides for the requisite shine in public institutions. With daily maintenance cleaning, we provide for clean working conditions in offices and meeting rooms, and clean hallways, foyers and sanitary facilities. Cleaning windows and glass facades provides for a perfect view. In order to leave a good impression outside, as well, our specialists take care of the cleaning and maintenance of green and gray spaces.

We pitch in

Power out in administration? IT department needs support for an important project? Seasonal staff support urgently needed in the depot? KÖTTER Personnel Services is the partner you need for such staff emergencies. With temporary staffing, we provide you with caretakers and workers for short or long-term assignments.
We can provide relief to human resources, IT or municipal offices with trained commercial specialists and administrative employees. And for assignments in workshops and depots, you can rely on electricians, mechanics, welders and many other tradespeople from KÖTTER Personnel Services.