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Personnel placement, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and outplacement

Personnel placement, Recruiting Process Outsourcing, outplacement:

We’ll take care of it for you!

We are your experienced partner for perfect personnel placement, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and outplacement services. We lay the foundations for successful careers in your company, streamline and assume responsibility for all recruiting activities and help you by providing tactful support with individual and group outplacement projects. Together, we pave the way towards a successful future for personnel management.


Our services & solutions

Personnel placement: You look - we find!

We know how time-consuming and tedious filling job vacancies can be: The recruiting teams at KÖTTER Group generate over 60,000 applications from temporary, specialist, and managerial staff each year.

We would be happy to put this expertise into practice for you. We take care of all the activities associated with the recruitment process for you: from designing the content and aesthetics of the job advertisement and publishing it on target group-specific portals to reviewing and evaluating incoming applications. We separate the wheat from the chaff and present you with the profiles of ideal candidates.

Our experience and professionalism allow us to significantly shorten the time it takes to fill the vacancy.

Recruitment-Process-Outsourcing (RPO): Next-level recruiting with KÖTTER Personnel Service

No matter how much you invested in your recruiting team, recruiting tools and recruiting measures last year... You will need to significantly increase the amount you invest in these areas in the coming years if you want to see similar or better results.

Why? The number of workers is falling drastically – competition for the best candidates is becoming increasingly fierce and costly.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is one possible solution. In contrast to personnel placement (see above), RPO is not about filling single vacancies in the short term, but about long-term, strategic development, operation and streamlining for the entire recruitment process. In a nutshell: We take care of all recruiting processes on behalf of your company in the long term.

What speaks in our favour? We generate over 60,000 applications per year and this results in around 10,000 new hires. We know what works well and what doesn’t in recruiting. We know where to go to find different target groups. And we know how recruiting processes need to be streamlined.

Outplacement: Allegedly the ideal ‘offboarding’ process

When an employer decided to ‘offboard’ its employees, the process is almost always associated with strong emotions, flying accusations and a permanently damaged relationship. But fear not, there is a way to make offboarding “a walk in the park” – with professional outplacement.

Here, the employee is presented with career solutions and this almost always results in them finding a new job. The employer avoids lengthy, obstructive and costly legal disputes as well as negative reviews on employer review sites and on Google. The goal is to get both employees and employers to see the offboarding process as fair.

How outplacement works:

  • We will prepare your leadership team for the offboarding meeting.
  • We support the employee leaving the company with their the emotional well-being following the offboarding meeting.
  • We work together with the member of staff leaving the company to analyse their potential, lend support with career planning and define goals.
  • We then come up with personalised application strategies, streamline application documents with them and find suitable vacancies for them.
  • We prepare applicants for their upcoming (face-to-face and virtual) interviews and help them throughout the application process – until they are hired by a new employer.

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