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Basic and special cleaning

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Anyone can tidy up; only a few can clean professionally

Almost every day, floors are vacuumed and mopped, production residues in machines and systems are removed and traffic routes in logistics and production halls are cleared of dust and dirt. Sometimes, though, that's not enough...

Heavy use of your floor coverings

Your floors are maltreated by thousands of footsteps every day. At the start of work, during lunch breaks and at the end of the day, dozens or hundreds of employees and visitors pass through your hallways and foyers. Over time, that leaves traces behind that can affect and permanently damage the structure of your floors.
Whether stone, tile, laminate or carpet: the team from KÖTTER Cleaning gets to the bottom of the dirt. We clean floor coverings from scratch and restructure or recondition the maintenance films.

Basic and special cleaning in production and logistics

Machines and systems are not only expensive, they are especially the basis for your good business. If they aren't running properly, there can be production downtime and, in the worst case, customers can be lost.

Don't let things go so far. Rely on the know-how of KÖTTER Cleaning for special cleaning of machines and systems. In addition to machines and systems, we also turn our attention toward your traffic routes. Forklifts and other industrial trucks put particular stress on traffic routes in logistics & production. The floors are worn faster and more heavily here than in a laboratory, for example. For that reason, basic cleaning is particularly important. KÖTTER Cleaning provides for the right treatment to ensure that your traffic routes remain permanently drivable.

Deep effects, gentle cleaning

When it comes to stubborn or deep-seated contamination, neither "brute force" nor particularly aggressive cleaning agents will help. What counts is the know-how of responsible specialists. Know-how that we have acquired over the course of more than 30 years. Our experience shows: knowledge and experience are the best weapons against dirt.