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Temporary employment, temp to perm, rent your staff, on-site management, master vendoring

The entire range of temporary employment services:

Temporary employment, temp to perm, tent your staff, on-site management and master vendoring

Speed and flexibility are becoming increasingly important as far as finding and employing staff are concerned. But people don’t always want to commit to long-term contracts right away. And this is where temporary employment becomes the ideal model.


KÖTTER Personnel Service has been supporting customers across all industries with its bespoke HR solutions since 1997. And perhaps it’ll be your turn next?

Our services and solutions

Temporary employment: “Classic” temporary employment gives you maximum HR flexibility

No matter whether you’re dealing with seasonal fluctuations, times when core team members are on annual or sick leave or need HR support during peak times: Temporary employment is the ideal solution for responding flexibly to a wide range of HR challenges.

KÖTTER Personnel Service has specialised in providing temporary, specialist and managerial staff since 1997.

Within the scope of our temporary employment programme, we supply tradespeople, production workers, business specialists with a wide range of skills as well as temporary staff, e.g.: for warehousing and logistics, retail and even for industrial projects.

“Temp to perm”: Try now - employ later

“Temp to Perm” is short for “Temporary to Permanent” and represents the next “logical” step towards classic temporary employment.

Simply put: our employee works for your company as a temporary employee during the temporary phase, which is often seen as a probationary period. If, during this time, it turns out that the employee is a good fit for the position and your company, you can decide to hire them on a longer-term basis. This allows both sides to test out the working relationship before finalising a permanent position. “Temp to perm” gives you considerably more flexibility, and the employee the chance to prove themselves at work and to be offered a permanent role at your company.

“Temp to perm” can happen spontaneously or be the stated goal from the outset of our collaboration.

Rent your staff: The win-win situation for companies and employees

Sadly, it’s not always possible to maintain such a large workforce – even though you still need the staff. In such cases, “rent your staff” can be the ideal solution for both the company and employees affected by job cuts.

If the employer is forced to let go of its staff, employees tend to lose their jobs. Together, we can give these employees the chance to sign an employment contract with KÖTTER Personnel Service. This means that the employees do not “slip” into unemployment, but instead receive a new employment contract with us directly.

Within the framework of temporary employment or on the basis of work or service contracts, the people who end up being employed by us can then be re-deployed at your company.

Benefit for companies: Companies often fail to recognise that recruitment agency costs are direct labour costs - You reduce your fixed HR costs accordingly. And: You stop incurring costs for sickness or annual leave.

On-site management: We manage the temporary staff from your company

If your company employs a large number of temporary staff, there is much to be said about placing one our on-site managers in your company. This person will be then manage all the temporary staff we deploy at your company from your site.

Your benefits: Significantly closer collaboration, much shorter and faster approvals, immediate responses to your wishes and changing requirements, even more efficient coordination among deployed staff, a much deeper insight into your company’s requirements and processes and, based on this, a more targeted recruitment strategy. Our on-site manager can also help you to integrate employees into your company culture and processes and actively monitor and ensure the performance of deployed staff.

Master vendoring: We centrally manage all your recruitment agencies

Large companies and groups of companies work with more than one recruitment agency. This creates an immense amount of coordination and administrative work for the client company.

“Master vendoring”, however, allows us to manage all your recruitment agencies and their employees on your behalf. We assume responsibility for managing all personnel and act as a mediator between you and all the service providers you use.

Your benefits: This form of supplier management allows you to consolidate the entire service chain and have just one point of contact (= KÖTTER Personnel Service). Complexity is significantly reduced, costs are lowered, control and transparency are improved and, ultimately, all processes are streamlined to ensure that the various service providers are seamlessly integrated.

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