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The car is Germany's favorite child. There are about 45 million automobiles registered in Germany - in addition to many more millions of motorcycles and countless other vehicles. Compliance with applicable regulations is necessary for smooth coexistence - regardless of whether it's on private plant premises or public traffic areas.

Maintaining security

It's not only in moving traffic where risks lie in wait; stationary traffic harbors its fair share of danger, as well. For example, in the worst cases, parking offenders blocking escape and rescue routes can cost human lives. Parking offenders can also block visibility to other traffic areas, forcing pedestrians and drivers to undertake dangerous avoidance maneuvers. Security can be adversely affected further by damaged, heavily soiled or missing traffic signs. These are risks that can be minimized by using KÖTTER Security's traffic services. On behalf of municipalities, we monitor compliance with specified regulations, as well as the proper condition of traffic signs.

Revenue protection

Cities and communities lose countless millions of euros every year due to parking offenders – money that is urgently needed for operation and maintenance of public traffic areas. This makes it clear that illegal parking is not a trivial offense. KÖTTER Security's traffic services verify compliance with parking ordinances and register possible violations.

Late-night gatherings

Retailers have scarcely closed their doors for the evening before the nearby parking lots empty out and all is peaceful... But not everywhere: in every city, there are numerous locations where activity heats up again after the local shops close. Young adults meet in small or large groups and enjoy getting together for the evening. None of that would be of any concern if these gatherings weren't often associated with loud noise, piles of trash and sometimes even open drug dealing. Traffic services from KÖTTER Security monitor compliance with rules and regulations and with the ordinances of cities and municipalities for public spaces, in the evening and nighttime hours and on Sundays and holidays.

Traffic safety on company premises

Codes of conduct don't end at the plant entrance... Naturally, the issues of security and order are also important topics on company and plant premises. KÖTTER Security takes the helm for you here: while entry authorization to the plant premises is verified by plant protection performing gate checks, traffic services security workers ensure safe and orderly plant traffic. They monitor speeds and traffic signs, control the internal flow of traffic, block access roads and post signs for detours, monitor compliance with the parking ordinance and patrol traffic routes.