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Corrections workers ensure that things run smoothly in correctional facilities every day: they secure, support and care for several thousands of inmates, 365 days per year. The responsibilities are so numerous that expert support is very important here. KÖTTER Security has supported correctional facilities and forensics institutions for more than 20 years by taking on non-jurisdictional auxiliary, supply and support responsibilities.

Whether as a comprehensive PPP Project or as an outsourcing model for corrections services: public clients can trust in our expertise and many years' experience in the field of prison and court services. We provide non-jurisdictional services in facilities for corrections, deportation and treatment, in cooperation with and under the supervision of facility staff. Our services and operations in correctional facilities are clearly defined by contract and extend from infrastructural building services to security, care and treatment responsibilities.

Diverse challenges

As management assistants in corrections, KÖTTER employees perform challenging tasks in collaboration with and under the technical supervision of corrections officers. The focus is on safe and smooth facility operations, as well as on the inmates and their support, counseling and care. Our employees often have foreign language skills and can create a basis of trust as a result, in order to recognize and preventively engage conflicts earlier. Our workers perform pickup and transport services, general logistics tasks or visitation support. They take over sports and free time activities or assist with gate services or in administration.

Training and quality

The highest quality can only be achieved by motivated, reliable and, especially, qualified employees. This applies both to the government as well as to private service providers. In this respect, we particularly rely on:

  • Selective personnel choices
  • Systematic education and training, using in-house education and training facilities, as well as in close collaboration with the client (important components of qualification, for example, are the basics of constitutional law, the penal code, psychology, interaction with prisoners and the applicable safety rules).
  • Continuous support and promotion
  • Compensation of employees in accordance with performance and pay scale laws

Would you like to know more about the different prison & court services from KÖTTER Security? We'd be happy to advise you; contact us.

Your benefits

  • Governmental workers are disencumbered and can focus on their original core responsibilities
  • Personnel fluctuations due to illness or vacation are avoided, since replacements for absent staff can be provided immediately.
  • The workforce can be adjusted to the needs and situations of the correctional facility.
  • Compensation according to the pay scale of the Bundesverbandes der Sicherheitswirtschaft (Federal Association of the Security Industry - BDSW) provides economic benefits.
  • With support from the governmental workers, processes can be optimized and security increased.

PPP – Public Private Partnership

Pressure on public coffers, task overload and investment backlogs in the modernization of correctional facilities are pushing the "Public Private Partnership" model to the forefront of the public discussion more and more. KÖTTER judiciary services implemented a PPP pilot project in the spring of 2009, together with the Bilfinger construction company. An integrated operator model was realized in the judiciary sector for the first time together with the Burg correctional facility in Saxony-Anhalt. For the first time, the majority of non-jurisdictional services and operations were assigned to a private consortium when establishing a correctional facility - from planning to construction and financing to operation of the facility. In contrast to other service contracts, KÖTTER judiciary services takes on extensive management and material responsibility here, across nearly all departments of the facility.

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