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Retirement and care homes

Cleaning and service with empathy and professionalism

What helps people may not be good enough

Hygiene in retirement and care institutions requires more than one service provider who only fulfils legal guidelines. It can only be smoothly integrated into everyday care with qualified and empathetic staff, and professional cleaning methods. In this way, we guarantee immaculate cleanliness and ensure that your residents will feel at home, even in new surroundings.

The importance of hygiene

The number of people with chronic illnesses, weakened immune systems and a need for care also rises with age. In retirement and care homes, hygiene is therefore of particular significance, especially due to a large number of people living together.

Individual services

We take your individual circumstances into consideration, and will create a cleaning concept tailored to suit your business with you, consisting of services such as:

  • Maintenance Cleaning
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Basic Cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning and washing-up Service
  • Disinfection
  • Outdoor area cleaning and winter service

Teamwork between home Management and KÖTTER Cleaning

We know from decades of experiences how important it is to smoothly integrate cleaning work into everyday care, and how it can be done. What is extremely important is trusting co-operation and regular co-ordination with the home management and your employees. Therefore, we make sure to keep communication open from the beginning, which in turn enables us to have a trusting and long-term partnership. 

A person and their "new home" are our priority

Having to leave one's own four walls behind for health reasons means a major change for those affected. With great awareness, professional skill and empathy, we contribute to ensuring the resident's well-being and health in their 'new home'. We always make sure that the resident's dignity and privacy are maintained.

We also place great value on the selection and training of our employees. As well as professional qualification, empathy and social skills are of great importance to us.

Your benefits

  • A routine of professional work by qualified staff

    Our staff have the knowledge needed to meet the challenging cleaning requirements involved in daily care.
  • Certified services

    With us, quality is measurable. KÖTTER Cleaning is not only certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, but also has the environmental certification according to the DIN standard 14001. Our cleaning services are based around the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).
  • Safety and well-being for your residents

    Our service puts people first. We want to ensure that your residents feel safe and comfortable, even in their new surroundings.
  • Individualized hygiene concepts for a caring and clean atmosphere

    We will take the individual cleaning requirements of your business into account, and create immaculate hygienic conditions.
  • Smooth integration into care operations

    A controlled daily procedure with discrete cleaning work is not only important for organizational reasons; it also creates trust and closeness.