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Global alerting and crisis management

Digital crisis management enables a swift reaction in serious incidents

Company crises usually occur without warning - they can be severe and risky. Any company can be affected at any time!

The risk of multi-faceted company crises

Company crises can be multi-faceted, and a threat to the company's existence. Therefore, preventing and defending against these risks is essential for safeguarding the company. However, any company can be affected:

  • IT or production breakdowns
  • Fire on site
  • Substances in a product which are hazardous to health
  • A natural disaster in a country with employees who have been sent there
  • Bomb threat in a public institution
  • Mass casualty incident
  • Cyber-attack on your systems
  • Killing spree or terrorist attack
  • Communication crisis
  • Accident when dealing with hazardous substances

Challenges in serious incidents

If an unexpected crisis arises, acting swiftly is required:

  • Alerting action forces easily and safely
  • Calling telephone conferences
  • Providing information to authorities, the media and the public
  • Exchanging virtual and secure information and documents

The software-as-a-service solution (SaaS) FACT24 offers you an opportunity for a swift an uncomplicated reaction for coordination in a serious incident, by means of encrypted communication by a crisis committee, and pre-defined alerting procedures in case of emergency. Audit-proof records are available for you for documentation, proof and analysis purposes.

Global alerting and crisis management with FACT24T24

The SaaS solution offers a wide range of possible ways to deal with an emergency:

  • Alerting the relevant people, depending on the situation (including feedback)
  • Ad hoc arrangement of (iner)national telephone conferences
  • Automatically triggering alarms through connected sensors
  • Pre-definition of an efficient distribution on tasks
  • Manage and monitor crises flexibly via dashboard
  • Activate an information hotline an the touch of a button
  • Targeted public information
  • Overview of external informations sources (weather data, social media etc.)

What sets us apart:

  • Global and comprehensive security and risk management
  • Consulting, personal security and security technology from a single source
  • KÖTTER Security Alliance: International partner network for worldwide uniform security standards
  • Single point of contact: a worldwide contact
  • Over 80 years experience in the security industry
  • FACT24 - web-based, ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certified alerting solution

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