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Uncompromising cleanliness and hygiene

Strict hygiene and cleaning requirements have been standard in many industries for decades: for example in clinics and hospitals, nursing homes or the food industry. With the worldwide outbreak of the Coronavirus, the facilities cleaning trade has experienced its deserved “revival” far beyond the confines of these industries. But what is really necessary?


Why the old motto “looks clean” is often not enough...

Not everything that looks clean is also hygienically sound. The reason for this is quite simple: Viruses, bacteria, germs etc. are not visible to the naked eye. Moreover, these and other pathogens are “immune” to conventional cleaning methods. Especially in hospitals, nursing homes or the food industry, ensuring uncompromising cleaning and disinfection is, therefore, the only alternative. The same applies to the deployment of specially qualified personnel with many years of experience and knowledge concerning effective cleaning methods.


Our specialists: State-certified disinfectors

KÖTTER Cleaning only employs suitably trained staff for disinfectant cleaning, who have been instructed by state-certified disinfectors. They know which cleaning agents must be used in which dosages, on which surfaces and what effects these cleaning agents can have on people and the environment; they make sure, therefore, that these are handled with the appropriate level of care.


Corona: What is necessary?

Regardless of the aforementioned industries (health care etc.) and the individual requirements of all other industries, KÖTTER Cleaning recommends: The intervals of classical building cleaning, which have been greatly reduced in recent years, should be increased again for all administrative, production or logistics locations.

More frequent cleaning is particularly appropriate for those areas where many people are present (e.g. entrance areas, sanitary rooms, open-plan offices, canteen areas), where the rules of social distancing cannot be observed or in shift operation – to ensure the interruption of infection chains between work teams. These areas require surface hygiene measures, especially the cleaning of frequently touched hand contact surfaces (handrails, door handles, etc.), all of which are definitely important for the prevention of pathogen transmission from inanimate surfaces.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, the Coronavirus has made the appropriate cleaning of surfaces especially important. This translates into the professional and proper cleaning of surfaces with effective cleaning products. The aim of these area hygiene measures is to reduce the risk of transmission.

After the temporary vacancy of buildings or parts of buildings, a thorough clean should be carried out immediately before reopening. This is particularly important if no cleaning has taken place during the period of closure. If, for example, a thorough clean with subsequent floor coating and a deep clean of the facilities have already been carried out during the closure, such buildings can generally be assumed to be in a good starting position.

The psychological effect of a visually clean environment should not be underestimated. Employees and customers feel that they are in good and safe hands, especially in times of great uncertainty.

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