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Alarm Monitoring Centre

Professional alarm monitoring

The right response to an emergency

Whether burglary, raid or fire alarm: modern hazard alarm systems and video systems recognise almost all threat scenarios for people and objects and serve to protect your company. But only if you immediately respond to an alarm. The ideal solution to connect your technology is the DIN EN 50518 and VDS 3138 certified alarm monitoring centre by KÖTTER Security.


Emergency measures customised to the client

All the alarm, fault and status reports of your alarm systems (burglary, video, fire and access control systems) together with your house and building technology are collected in the KÖTTER alarm monitoring centre, which is where they are checked and immediately evaluated by an specialist. Around the clock, 365 days a year. Of course via safe transmission paths...

In an emergency our specialists initiate the intervention methods agreed with you beforehand. This ensures that you get the required response according to the threat.


An overview of our services:   

  • Connecting your alarm systems and building technology
  • Alarm verification of video images
  • Remote monitoring
  • Introduction of intervention services (informing chosen contacts, informing the police, fire brigade and ambulance services, monitoring and securing the building)
  • GPS tracking and tracking people and premises
  • Lift alarm calls and emergency calls from people
  • Surveillance of acute and non-urgent Reports


This is what makes the monitoring centre stand out:   

  • Reliable
  • Safe
  • Certified
  • Innovative
  • Global
  • Unique


One of the safest monitoring centres in the whole of Europe

Our clients demand the highest possible safety - this was the basis for the new construction of our alarm monitoring centre. The new monitoring centre does not only fulfil the strict requirements of DIN EN 50518 it goes far beyond them.


Reliability upon failure and reliability of transmission

... are the top priorities. With its integrated alarm receiving centre (ARC) in addition to the structural, electronic and mechanical building protection, the KÖTTER alarm monitoring centre is thus fully equipped against power failure, etc. Separate feeds ensure a multiply secured energy suppliers; in a crisis, emergency diesel power is used. Redundant structures exist, e.g. also in the air conditioning to prevent overheating in the server rooms. The individual workstations are likewise separately secured so that alarm signals can be processed immediately at a different location. Together with KÖTTER Net, which has been tried and tested, a fully shielded and self-sufficient security network, and the back-up at the alarm receiving centre, clients in this way receive a guaranteed failure-free Service.


Digitisation, Video management, process optimisation  

Here also KÖTTER Security is a pioneer. Compared to other providers all workstations can receive and process video alarm images. This enables qualified preliminary alarm checks, in which our employees of the monitoing centre analyse the situation on-site via a live video circuit and decide on further measures. If there is no dangerous situation, the alarm technology can be reset at the client’s premises via remote function. An additional level of performance is provided by the video wall: In complex situations, specific excerpts can be analysed centrally in large format and high resolution. Process optimisation gains momentum by using the innovative KVM technology (keyboard, video, mouse). This allows employees to operate different systems over a single interface.

Highly modern workstations for even more quality

Here also KÖTTER Security puts emphasis on the highest standards: as well as ergonomic workstations and the latest KVM operating technology, which, due to the outsourcing of the core technology (e.g. under the table units) to separate areas makes for a lower noise level, the light architecture and a pleasant atmosphere provide an optimal working environment. This atmosphere enables an even stronger focus on processing incoming reports. Both employees and clients profit equally.

KÖTTER Security as a provider for other monitoring centres

Not only KÖTTER Security clients profit from the newly created infrastructure around the monitoring centre (with its integrated alarm receiving centre). As a result of the certification VdS 3138, KÖTTER Security provides alarms. In practice this means: Monitoring centres of industry, logistics, services, etc. that are not themselves certified to DIN EN 50518, can gain the status of a certified alarm receiving centre by working with the KÖTTER alarm monitoring centre.

KÖTTER Security implements the interconnection of a variety of systems, including:

  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Fire alarm installations
  • Video systems
  • Access control systems
  • Lift technology
  • Escalators
  • Small and large Refrigeration Systems
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, leakage systems
  • Gas detection systems
  • Fault moitoring systems
  • Faults with e.g. cash machines
  • Temperature monitoring of e.g. data centres
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply System (UPS)
  • Energy: Low and high voltage
  • Emergency power systems (emergency generators)

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