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Healthcare services

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There can never be too much of a helpful thing

Those who bear responsibility in health services confront a variety of challenges: budgetary pressure, a lack of qualified personnel or increasing hygienic requirements are just some of the headache-inducing issues they face. By combining our security, cleaning, human resources and buildings services, you can concentrate fully and completely on your core business – on what really matters to you.

An overview of our healthcare services

Would you like customized facility services? Contact us – we would be happy to advise you on its design and implementation.

Security services and technology

  • Automatic machine service
  • Receptionist services
  • Radio patrols
  • Parking and traffic services
  • Personal protection
  • Integration of existing security technology systems
  • Hazard alarm systems and alarm servers

Human resources services

  • Skilled and auxiliary personnel
  • Caretaker services
  • Commercial personnel
  • Courier services


Cleaning and special services

  • Exterior and landscape upkeep
  • Disinfecting cleaning
  • Maintenance and glass cleaning
  • Cleaning according to HACCP
  • Winter services
  • Mat services
  • Service personnel for conferences

Education and training

  • Training of disinfection and skilled hygiene workers
  • Hygiene training and instruction
  • Training as fire protection assistant /Fire protection instruction
  • First aid training
  • Eviction officer training

Your advantages

  • Reliable data

    Reliable service planning (qualified replacement in case of shortfall) and fixed budgets.
  • Customer-specific human resources planning

    Design of a customized human resources concept.
  • On site

    Guaranteed intervention times, fast decision-making, one point of contact.
  • Reliable calculation

    Calculation security through transparent pricing design
  • Bundled services

    Everything from one source – from infrastructural buildings services to system solutions in the operator model.

  • Nationwide standard

    Standardized services available nationwide with additional possibilities for options.
  • Documented quality

    Certified in accordance with DIN  ISO 9001 (quality management) and DIN 14001 (environmental management).
  • More capacity

    Relief for personnel and cost-intensive processes.
  • High availability

    Fulfillment of special requirements to bridge personnel bottlenecks (high employee availability, availability outside of business hours).

Treatment, care and social services

5 o'clock in the morning in a hospital: there will be a rush of patients in the treatment, rehab and therapy areas in just about two hours. For KÖTTER Cleaning, this means another day of strict adherence to the cleaning timetable. After all, adherence to deadlines, integration of processes into day-to-day care and conscientious cleaning procedures, precisely coordinated with the respective departments, not only conform to hygienic requirements but also form the basis for patient comfort.

Security in the hospital

Security services are just as reliable: customized hazard alarm systems and video technology provide for the most effective protection of sensitive research and OP departments, for example. Security workers protect personnel in the emergency room from possible assaults, especially in the evening and nighttime hours. At gates and reception areas, service providers take care of visitor information and are likewise absolutely reliable when it comes to the rapid transport of blood units, samples, etc., for example.

How to make life easier for your employees

When multiple nurses are out at one station at the same time due to illness, there is a demand for skilled care providers. As a reliable partner, KÖTTER Personnel Services has skilled nursing, laboratory and OP workers at the ready. One call is all that's required to quickly resolve the personnel bottleneck.

Facility services for exterior areas and other departments

Here, KÖTTER Security takes care of premises security and parking space management with patrol and gate services and customized security technology. With maintenance and glass cleaning, KÖTTER Cleaning provides for a clean ambiance in entrance areas, offices and visitors' rooms. Landscape upkeep and winter services keep the outdoor facilities in shape. KÖTTER Personnel Services makes life easier for management with mailroom, courier and caretaker services. The commercial personnel pool provides support in the administrative area with secretary, telephone switchboard and other services.