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First aid at the workplace: because every second counts

Whether in a chemical plant, at a large construction site or industrial production – every second matters when there is an accident. The occupational rescue services of KÖTTER Fire & Service are there to provide first aid.

It is a scenario every plant safety manager knows: a severe occupational accident occurs on a large site. First responders must now be alerted, the injured cared for and rescue measures coordinated to the accident site – all within the shortest possible time. Occupational rescue services and medical services therefore bear great responsibility for the health of employees.

First aid by professionals

Are you looking for a reliable partner that offers professional rescue and medical services, which are specifically tailored to your needs and take the requirements of authorities and insurers into consideration? Then KÖTTER Fire & Service is your partner for medical care and hazard defense, as well as for performing first aid in emergencies. For the widest range of industries and potential risks, we will assemble a team of emergency medical technicians and doctors for you that have the appropriate and necessary qualifications.


KÖTTER's occupational medical and rescue service will take on the following responsibilities, as required:

  • Alerting external rescue services
  • Directing external rescue services on site
  • Independent supervision of first aid stations
  • Initiation of emergency medical procedures
  • Performance of emergency medical aid
  • Cleaning of workplace rescue equipment, disinfection and proper storage
  • Documentation of all special occurrences relating to occupational accidents and illnesses

When rapid assistance is more important than ever, rely on the support of KÖTTER Fire & Service. Our occupational medical and rescue services are on site for your employees: for accident prevention, rapid first aid and reliable coordination of all involved rescue services.