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Mechanical engineering

Infrastructural facility management for mechanical and plant engineering

Putting the gears in motion

"Made in Germany" is highly regarded around the world: about two-thirds of Germany's manufacturing output is exported. With turnover of nearly 200 billion euros and about 950,000 employees, the mechanical and plant engineering industry is a key field in the German economy. As an infrastructural building services provider, KÖTTER Services is at your side to ensure that everything runs smoothly in production, logistics and administration.

An overview of our services for mechanical and plant engineering

Would you like a customized service package? Contact us – we would be happy to advise you on its design and implementation.


  • Alarm management systems
  • Occupational and health safety
  • Connection to the emergency and service control center
  • Occupational rescue services
  • Facility fire service
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Compliance & security in international (risk) markets
  • The KÖTTER SYMTO operator model
  • The KÖTTER SmartControl electronic security log
  • Intrusion systems
  • Receptionist services
  • Aviation security
  • Perimeter protection
  • Area guarding
  • Environment Protection
  • Traffic services
  • Video monitoring
  • Plant protection and separate guard services
  • Access control technology

Cleaning and special services

  • Exterior and landscape upkeep
  • Building site cleaning
  • Fluid management
  • Glass and facade cleaning
  • Basic and special cleaning
  • Machine and system cleaning
  • Cleaning of logistics areas (incl. high bay warehouses)
  • Maintenance cleaning
  • Winter services

Human resources services

  • Skilled and temporary workers for stock and logistics
  • Caretaker services
  • Temporary workers for assembly and commissioning
  • Commercial skilled workers and company executives for marketing, IT, accounting, administration and HR
  • On-site management
  • Outsourcing in connection with service and plant contracts
  • Technical skilled workers and company executives such as mechanical engineers

Your advantages

  • High availability

    Fulfillment of special requirements to bridge personnel bottlenecks (high employee availability, availability outside of business hours).
  • Reliable data

    Reliable service planning (qualified replacement in case of shortfall) and fixed budgets.
  • Customer-specific human resources planning

    Design of a customized human resources concept.
  • On site

    Guaranteed intervention times, fast decision-making, one point of contact
  • Bundled services

    Everything from one source – from infrastructural buildings services to system solutions in the operator model.
  • Nationwide standard

    Standardized services available nationwide with additional possibilities for options.
  • Documented quality

    Certified in accordance with DIN  ISO 9001 (quality management) and DIN 14001 (environmental management).
  • More capacity

    Relief for personnel and cost-intensive processes.

Strong economy, significant threat

Plant and mechanical engineering in Germany is booming – it's no wonder that criminals are also reaching to get their fingers in the pie. The industry is heavily affected by white-collar crime, sabotage and product piracy. There are also risks from intrusion, fires and vandalism. Downtime in operation can lead to millions in damages in almost no time at all.

Plant protection is crucial

Here, the spectrum of personnel security ranges from gate and checkpoint services to receptionist services to patrol and area guarding services on the entire premises. With respect to security technology: access control systems ensure that no unauthorized persons have access to sensitive research, development and production areas. At the same time, intrusion and fire alarm installations, as well as video technology, protect against theft, fire and vandalism. Specialized software enables the integration and representation of all technical systems on just one platform. This allows us to establish a foundation for globally standardized alarm management. Connection of all properties and subsections to the KÖTTER emergency and service control center enables a fast response in case of emergency.

Smooth integration of cleaning services

Industrial cleaning takes center stage here. It encompasses machine cleaning of manufacturing, production and painting systems. With respect to fluid management, KÖTTER Cleaning also takes responsibility for the complete cooling lubricant service. In addition to purchasing and delivery of the required materials, this particularly includes inspection and maintenance of the cooling lubricant emulsions for the production systems.

Daily maintenance and glass cleaning in administration areas ensures that employees and visitors have a spotless impression. Outdoors, we take care of cleaning and upkeep of the landscape and clear the access roads and walkways of ice and snow in the winter months.

Temporary work relieves personnel bottlenecks

Coverage of production peaks in mechanical engineering and of general workforce shortages emphasize the importance of temporary work. The human resources pool of KÖTTER Personnel Services ranges from commercial employees for administration to production specialists to temporary logistics workers. Whether for short or long-term assignments: you can count on us.