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The enjoyment of good quality lasts much longer than the short memory of a cheap purchase.

KÖTTER Services relies on long-term partnerships. We win the requisite trust of our customers for this through high quality services. For that reason, quality is a permanent component of our corporate philosophy.


Quality is on everyone's lips; every company makes it their motto. However, with KÖTTER Services, quality becomes tangible. Our entire process chain is consistently aligned toward a singular goal: fulfilling your needs. Only in this way can we gain your trust.

Industry-specific audits

In addition to external quality audits, we rely on annual internal audits which we supplement with industry-specific control standards. For example, our services with credit institutions are subjected to different quality controls than in the chemicals industry or in administration.

Testing before contract start

We perform feasibility studies before contract start. This ensures that we can produce the performance you demand, within the framework of our quality standards.

Start-up teams

Particularly in the case of large projects, we rely on the integration of start-up teams during conceptualization and at the start of the implementation phase which consist of employees with many years of experience and specialized know-how. They support the project team and ensure that our services start smoothly.

Information & communication

Open and regular communication is an important foundation for the successful implementation of projects. We closely integrate everyone involved in the project starting in the initial phase and inform them at regular intervals about the progress of the project.
This transparent communication guarantees that all project participants have an identical state of knowledge at all times.
In order to always meet your requirements and to adapt to changing framework conditions, we additionally hold regular feedback meetings with you and our responsible company executives. In addition to general organizational criteria, these meetings particularly focus on the implementation of our services. All of the resulting outcomes are incorporated into daily work and ensure a high quality of service.

Ideas management

In addition to the aforementioned feedback meetings, the opinions and experiences of our employees are an important component of our service quality. We encourage our employees to scrutinize processes and to report resulting ideas and improvement suggestions to their supervisors. These proposals are evaluated and the resulting measures are implemented in consultation with the customer.

The MQA teams (Mobile Quality Assurance)

As an additional measure enacted to maintain the agreed level of quality, we rely on the use of Mobile Quality Assurance teams. The members of the MQA teams are specially trained experts who function detached from the operational structures and report directly to corporate management. The MQA teams perform independent and unannounced inspections of all customer properties and review and evaluate the agreed processes and existing framework conditions. We regularly inform you regarding the outcomes of these measures and the resulting optimizations.


The KÖTTER Group can provide services according to customer-specific agreement on the basis of or unser consideration of the following regulations:

  • AMS*
  • BHE*
  • DIN EN ISO 14001*
  • DIN 14675*
  • DIN 77200-1:2017-11*
  • DIN EN 16082*
  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • ISO / IEC 27001*
  • SCC*
  • VdS*
  • OQS*

* = applies for individual companies of the KÖTTER Group.


Information security & data privacy

In consideration of the continually increasing requirements for data privacy and data security, KÖTTER GmbH & Co. KG Administrative Services (as the central administrative services provider of the KÖTTER Group, responsible for operation and provision of the IT infrastructure) has been certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

A wide variety of regulations apply across the entire KÖTTER Group for the secure and data privacy compliant handling of information and for the use of IT systems (notebooks, PCs, tablets, smart phones, incl. installed software), such as password guidelines, "Clear Screen" and "Clear Desk" regulations, etc.  These and other minimum standards apply for all employees at all locations.