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KÖTTER Security Video Tower

Mobile, 360-degree video surveillance for construction sites, events and all large areas

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With its intelligent analysis software, the KÖTTER Security Video Tower is the ideal solution for the temporary protection of large areas. We achieve the highest level of security by connecting the Video Tower to the KÖTTER emergency and service control centre, as well as the rapid and customer-specific interventions initiated from here in the event of an emergency.


Events security

No matter whether it is a large concert, sports event or public event: From a height of up to 8 metres, the KÖTTER Security Video Tower has everything in view. Video monitoring in real-time enables an immediate reaction to imminent crimes, or criminal acts already taking place.
By means of additional camera and software, intelligent applications such as visitor counting can be realised. So-called “privacy zones” can be freely defined to protect privacy.

Security on construction sites

While during the day tradesmen and women go about their business, construction sites often receive uninvited visitors at night. Machines, building materials and even entire vehicles are not safe from theft.
The KÖTTER Security Video Tower protects against theft, vandalism, sabotage and manipulation. Approaching unauthorised persons (or vehicles) are automatically detected and recorded and can be deterred from doing so by means of live address.
In addition, you can document the progress of the construction work and adjust the location of the Video Tower according to how the work is coming along.


Car dealerships know the problem: Theft of vehicles or parts, damage to exhibition vehicles and break-ins to workshops result in immense costs. The surveillance of open-air grounds using the KÖTTER Security Video Tower is an effective means of prevention and confronts possible perpetrators even before the actual crime is committed.


Energy industry

Construction, conversion and revision phases are very special phases in power plants, wind and solar parks or even in transformer stations. The KÖTTER Security Video Tower keeps everything in view and protects against sabotage, manipulation, vandalism and theft. Due to its independence from a power source and network, it can also be used in an extremely variable manner.


Logistics areas

There is a lot of valuable freight on large logistics sites – and often unfortunately also a lot of uninvited people. The KÖTTER Security Video Tower is the ideal supplement to the existing perimeter protection and can monitor an area of several thousand m².



  • 3 Full HD IP cameras per Tower
  • 360-degree panoramic view
  • Automatic pan-zoom mode
  • Zoom up to 100 metres
  • Can be extended up to over 8 metres
  • Automatic tracking of detected objects
  • Long-term storage of image and sound (including date/time)
  • Integrated infrared headlights (best image quality, even at night)
  • Live address of persons present on site
  • Time-controlled, manual or technical triggering of video surveillance
  • Connection to the KÖTTER emergency and service control centre
  • Integration into customer network possible
  • Live images directly to your smartphone
  • Data protection: Pixelation of individual areas possible
  • UPS: Uninterrupted power supply for up to 24 hours

The KÖTTER Security Video Tower

KÖTTER Security...

  • organises the delivery
  • installs and tests the Video Tower
  • keeps an eye on events
  • reacts in case of emergency
  • organises the transport

Your benefits at a glance

  • Greatly reduced burglary and theft rates
  • Significantly reduced property damage
  • Preservation of evidence for submission to the authorities and insurance companies
  • Variable duration of use = no long-term capital commitment
  • Major increase in objective and subjective safety

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