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Formular Kontakt-Layer EN

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The electronic security log by KÖTTER Security


ATM service oprtal

Full service for your automatic machines by KÖTTER Cash and Valuables Services



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The customer portal of KÖTTER Personal Service

The KÖTTER Services employee portal

Industry & manufacturing

Productive skilled and temporary workers

From assembly assistants to technical specialists – we increase your gross product…

Whether in the food industry, the automotive industry or heavy industries: the demands for the greatest quality in ever shorter time frames are high. An established and experienced team is worth a lot. But what if the team isn't large enough and personnel bottlenecks are imminent?

Growth without concerns

An employee takes an extended maternity leave, the sales department acquires a new large customer, a regular customer wants to expand an order: corporate growth is always something to celebrate – if personnel capacity can match it. Bottlenecks are sometimes foreseeable, but they often occur without warning. We support the growth of your business with qualified employees from all industries.

In administration

Whether they have foreign language skills, specialized diplomas or just years of business experience – we provide you with qualified workers and company executives for the following departments:

  • Planning & design
  • Accounting & controlling
  • Personnel / HR
  • Marketing & sales
  • Purchasing
  • IT
  • Mailroom
  • Quality management
  • Secretary & assistants

In production

Is production the heart of your company, alongside development? To make sure your heart continues to beat, we supply you with our "first responders" for production, as well as pre and post-processing:

  • Machine and plant operators
  • Production and process planners
  • Production and assembly assistants
  • Gantry crane operators
  • Mechantronics engineers
  • Electronics engineers
  • Welders
  • Fitters

In logistics

Nothing more comes in, nothing more goes out. That causes frustration in production and for customers. We pitch in before the flow of goods flounders:

  • Loading and unloading of containers and trucks
  • Incoming and outgoing inspections
  • Professional warehousing
  •  Order picking and provisioning
  • Inventories

Bonus points

  • Calculation security through transparent pricing design.
  • No increased fixed costs, as personnel capacity can be increased as needed.
  • Expert and experienced personnel
  • Personnel that is available quickly and for unlimited duration
  • High degree of flexibility with low expense.