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Formular Kontakt-Layer EN

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Patrol services

Trust is good, oversight is better

Ward off danger, prevent crime

Aggravating graffiti, vandalism or break-ins: even your business can be struck by criminals at any time. Minimize the risk – rely on area guarding from KÖTTER Security.

All kinds of valuables for uninvited guests

From valuable metals on your outdoor premises, to expensive machines in the production hall, to modern IT equipment in offices, there are numerous valuables in your company that can attract uninvited guests, especially in the evening and nighttime hours and on weekends.

The annually published crime statistics from the German Federal Bureau of Investigation document offenses by the minute: break-ins, thefts, robberies, vandalism, acts of sabotage and much more.

Offense which, in the worst case, can even endanger the continued existence of your business. 

Dangers even from within the company

The risks your business faces don't only include extreme cases such as break-ins and vandalism. Often, it is supposed minor events which lead to physical and financial damages: a coffee machine that is left on can cause a fire; rain that comes in through an open window in a computer room can cause failures and damage inventory.  

On site for you: KÖTTER Security patrol services

Our security workers inspect your business premises several times daily and at night, as well as the immediate vicinity for suspicious persons.

In addition to exterior inspections, we can also perform interior inspections in all rooms and on all levels, set your intrusion detection system on alert in the late evening hours and deactivate it again in the morning. 

You can rely on our inspection patrols.

Burglars, on the other hand, cannot, because we always perform inspection patrols at continually changing times. Potential criminals have no chance to exploit a predictable rhythm.

The deterrent effect that our patrols have on potential criminals is significant. If something should happen nonetheless, however, our trained specialists will initiate the appropriate intervention measures (arranged with you in advance). Possible consequential damages are heavily minimized as a result. 

Digital documentation

We use digital guard control systems to document our services. Data storage media are placed on your premises at several locations (at access points and isolated areas) and serve as checkpoints which are detected by our security workers on each inspection pass using mobile reader devices. The digital communication makes detailed documentation of the performed inspection patrol work possible at any time. In addition, the records and evaluations can be used by insurance companies and the police in case of damage.