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Formular Kontakt-Layer EN

Formular Kontakt-Layer EN

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Availability at all times

Now you're available around the clock

Every business has its own reasons why a call sometimes cannot wait until tomorrow and why an email sometimes has to be answered in the middle of the night. What are yours?

1,000 good reasons – is one of them yours?

Do the assignments of trades workers or outside companies have to be coordinated at night?  Would you like to implement a consumer or crisis hotline that is available to consumers around the clock? Or does the opening of a key deposit need to be coordinated and initiated remotely at three in the morning?

Whatever your reason for constant availability, we answer the phone for you, check incoming emails and coordinate the processing of all incoming requests. All according to the previously arranged process chain, of course...

The right answer to every question

The content and course of every conversation with your customers, written or on the phone, can be as unique as your company's own needs. In order to expertly represent your company, we create an extensive set of conversational guidelines together with you in advance:

  • Should we introduce ourselves with your company name?
  • What are the cases that can occur?
  • How do we respond to question A or answer B?
  • What statements may be made when?
  • Who must be informed when?
  • In what contexts may outside companies (e.g. trades workers) be contracted?

These guidelines, as well as additional relevant documents and information as applicable, are automatically provided to our employees by the system with every call. In this way, we ensure that we process all requests in alignment with your business. If desired, we can record the content and outcome of all conversations and provide you with them.


We supplement your hotline

Do you already have your own hotline or a call centre, but they are not staffed around the clock? Then the KÖTTER Service Centre is the right partner for you. We step in for you after business hours, over the weekend and on holidays.

Herzlich willkommen. Welcome. Bonjour.

Your company also operates outside of Germany? Do you have customers from all across Europe? Do you have foreign suppliers? In the age of globalization, foreign languages are routine in nearly every company. The employers of the KÖTTER Service Centre also offer this additional qualification. No matter whether it's English, Spanish, Russian or one of the many other languages of this world: we understand you and your business partners.

From New Year's Day to New Year's Eve

Now there isn't a single second of the entire year when your business partners can't reach you. The employees of the KÖTTER Service Centre are there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.


  • Individual workstation monitoring and monitoring of routine messages
  • Processing of all incoming requests according to a process chain arranged in detail
  • Conversationally fluent foreign language skills (English, Spanish, Russian, etc.)

Receiving of requests (by telephone, fax or email) Crisis hotline operation with multiple escalation stages Remote operation of barriers, gates or doors (Kopie 3)

  • Receiving of requests (by telephone, fax or email)
  • Crisis hotline operation with multiple escalation stages
  • Remote operation of barriers, gates or doors