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Holistic solutions to protect you and your family

Professional positions, political opinions, wealth, notoriety and many other factors could all be reasons for targeting an individual and sending them all manner of threats.

KÖTTER Security develops customised solutions to protect you against threats like these: To protect your home, your family, to protect you while you work, while you attend events and public appearances and while you are on holiday, as well as to protect you against threats online.


Building blocks for a secure home

Perhaps the most important place for you and your family... We use risk analyses to provide appropriate protective concepts and security planning for existing and new-build properties in Germany and abroad. We take care of all technical security installations around your property as well as inside the building (intrusion detection technology, access control and video surveillance technology, and custom-built panic rooms etc.).


For your family’s protection

Is there anything more important than your family’s safety? No, of course there isn’t! We develop protection concepts, provide technical solutions for locating people and vehicles by GPS and are your first port of call for direct, indirect and extended personal protection.

We also offer individual and age-appropriate behaviour training for all family members.


Safety on holiday

We take care of your safety so that you can switch off completely. We prepare risk analyses for your travel destinations in Germany and abroad and provide you and your family members with country-specific briefings. We can also provide chaperone services during your trip. And, of course, we can also take care of your home while you are away.

Protecting you while you work

We prepare country-specific risk analyses as well as personal and event-specific protective concepts for your professional activities in Germany and abroad. In addition to technical/digital solutions and awareness training, all types of personal protection can also play a role here.


At events and public appearances

It goes without saying that events and public appearances also play an important role in your professional activities, but there are significant differences between events and your usual work routine. The requirements for your safety will vary accordingly. But we will take care of this for you, too.


Protecting you from online threats

Do you know what is being said and thought about you on social media or the internet? Are planned campaigns against your business brought to your attention in a timely manner? We delve into the deepest depths of the internet and find answers to these questions. We also analyse the digital footprints of you and your family. We show you and your family members (in an age-appropriate manner), how to behave online.

Financial support for private individuals

The KfW banking group promotes the installation of various burglar-proofing measures in detached and semi-detached homes as well as owner-occupied and rented flats. Ask your KÖTTER Security Advisor for more information or learn more by visiting the following website:

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