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Cleanliness and value retention

Your properties are more than just four walls: they are the workplaces of your employees, they are often where you meet customers for the first time, and they are where value is created and kept. With KÖTTER Cleaning, you've found the ideal partner for keeping these locations clean and in "good shape."

Our services for your building

Attractive and functional

You can count on these qualities in your physical capital, if it's maintained. Our qualified cleaning services consistently maintain the value of your properties, buildings and industrial facilities, with appropriate coordination of budget, employees, methods, cleaning materials and machines.

The greatest joy – for customers and visitors

The best way to maintain your image?  With our building cleaning services. We ensure graffiti-free facades, windows with clear views and maintained sanitary facilities, provide the required hygiene and cleaning for hospitals, nursing homes and companies from a wide variety of industries. Just as powerful: the functional cleaning of industrial facilities, including fluid management.

Know-how: the best weapon against contamination

Even the most concentrated cleaning agents can be useless without experience and know-how:
The cleaning specialists from KÖTTER Cleaning know the characteristics of various materials and surfaces. They know how to clean spots that are difficult to reach. They know how to remove a stubborn dirt film. They also know how to best integrate our cleaning into your workflow.

A crystal-clear advantage: full service solutions

Most of our customers want full service cleaning: one partner who expertly masters individual challenges. Whether it comes to preliminary and detail cleaning during construction, winter services or caretaker services, clean room cleaning or landscape upkeep – our specialized services are as unique as each of our customers. And they can be expanded at any time. Contact us: we will provide you with a customized service package.