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The annually published crime statistics from the German Federal Bureau of Investigation document offenses by the minute: break-ins, thefts, robberies, and vandalism. Protect your business – with intrusion alarm systems from KÖTTER Security.

The consequences of break-ins, theft, damage or destruction can be significant. In extreme cases, the continued existence of the company can be endangered, in addition to the loss of data and valuables. The installation of intelligent intrusion detection technology preventively counteracts these risks.

Highly effective technology

Visible intrusion detection technology deters many criminals and preventively counteracts intrusion attempts, police statistics show. A high-quality intrusion detection system registers every intrusion attempt when live and activated. The alarms installed in rooms and on windows, doors and gates, such as glass breakage sensors on windows, motion detectors in hallways and offices, magnetic contacts on windows and doors, etc., detect every access attempt and sound the alarm.

Prevention measures are worth it

The triggered alarm is not only visible, but also clearly audible. In the ideal case, the visual and acoustic signals have a deterrent effect and the intrusion attempt is stopped. It has been shown that more than 40 percent of break-ins fail due to the presence of security equipment and neighbors who have been alerted.

Fast response in case of emergency

In order that the right steps are taken in case of emergency, we recommend interconnecting the intrusion detection system to our VdS-certified emergency and service control center. Here, your incoming alarm notifications are reviewed and processed, around the clock. What's more, our employees immediately initiate the intervention measures that have been coordinated with you in advance:

  • Notification of police or fire department
  • Notification of various contacts
  • Direct alarm investigation and inspection of your property by our security workers
  • Securing of your property until the arrival of the police or contacts
  • Securing of your property until the completion of repair or replacement work (e.g. following glass breakage)

Certified quality

Quality starts with an exact analysis of the initial situation and personalized advice. At least just as important, however, are controlling during the construction and installation phase, the collective commissioning of the system(s), and competent and available service. KÖTTER Security therefore relies on a certified and practiced quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. We are a certified BHE member company and can furthermore provide technical solutions in accordance with the VdS standards.

Your benefits

  • Connection of your entire hazard alarm technology to the VdS-certified KÖTTER emergency and service control center
  • Intervention services for a fast response in case of emergency
  • Producer-independent security solutions, customized to your needs
  • Concept, installation, maintenance and service – everything from a single source

Financial support for private citizens

The KfW Bank Group provides financial assistance for the installation of various intrusion protection measures in single and two-family homes, as well as owner-occupied and rented apartments. Ask your KÖTTER Security consultant about it, or learn more at