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Aviation connects German companies with global sales and supplier markets. It enables tourists and business travelers to have international mobility. Security is as important to aviation as aviation is to the German economy. That's why airlines, authorities, airport operators and air freight companies have trusted in KÖTTER Security for more than 15 years. 

Our solutions for more security in aviation:

Security services

We provide security services in connection with the Air Traffic Safety Act for many different airport operators, airlines, logistics companies and authorities. These include passenger and luggage checks, personnel and goods inspections, the securing of various airport areas, as well as the inspection of freight and courier goods.

Aviation security

Manufacturers of air freight who wish to send it securely must be certified by the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA) as a "known consignor." Known consignors can "secure" their air freight directly upon its creation, by complying with security checks, insofar as the secure status is maintained during processing, storage and transport. If the secure supply chain is maintained, the air freight shipment does not have to be subjected to any further inspection. It automatically receives the "secure" status from the regulated agent and can be flown.

KÖTTER Aviation Security advises and accompanies you in all processes of the approval procedure to becoming a known consignor and regulated agent. We perform weak point analyses, create security concepts, qualify your employees in various training measures and support your business in quality assurance measures, including approval and repeat audits.

Additional services for airports & airlines

In addition to statutory and officially regulated security services, we offer you and your passengers a variety of additional services. These include parking management, luggage cart management and welcoming and orientation assistance for passengers, as well as classical security services, such as for resident shops.