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The electronic security log by KÖTTER Security


ATM service oprtal

Full service for your automatic machines by KÖTTER Cash and Valuables Services



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KÖTTER Cleaning

For everything that must be clean

Personalized cleaning concepts – integrated into and coordinated with your daily work routine

Are you responsible for cleaning and value retention in an industrial operation, a museum or a clinic? Regardless of your industry, KÖTTER Cleaning has brilliant services ready for you.

Our cleaning services

The right cleaning personnel for your (house)work

The entrance area shines, the kitchen invites you to linger and the window seems to have no glass. This doesn't happen on its own: it's the work of trained specialists. Building cleaning services are challenging and complex – the conditions and requirements are different at every company.

Industry-specific expertise

Every industry focuses on different cleaning priorities: while know-how relating to complex machines and systems counts in industry, very strict hygiene requirements must be adhered to in healthcare. This applies everywhere in building cleaning, particularly where the focus is on people – such as in clinics, nursing or retirement homes.

Anyone can tidy up; only a few can clean professionally

A meeting room in the administrative wing can only be marginally compared to a manufacturing line in production worth millions. KÖTTER Cleaning cleans professionally – we have acquired the corresponding know-how through more than 30 years of company history.

Our cleaning concepts consistently maintain the value of your properties, buildings and industrial facilities. We provide our services with appropriate coordination of budget, employees, methods, cleaning materials and machines.

Nationwide availability

From Hamburg to Munich, from Berlin to Düsseldorf. Wherever your company is located, KÖTTER Cleaning is not far away. We ensure cleanliness across all of Germany. In doing so, we rely on regional decision-makers in order to be able to quickly and flexibly respond to customers' demands.

Certified building cleaning

Quality is measurable at KÖTTER Cleaning. For example, we are not only certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, but also have the environmental certification according to the DIN standard 14001.
We smoothly integrate our cleaning services into the everyday routines of our customers.