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Security solutions for consistent hazard defense

The potential risks for your business are diverse and range from break-ins, to acts of sabotage and vandalism, to white-collar crime. Protect your business from these risks – with KÖTTER Security. 

The exterior business area

Whether it's an industrial corporation, a medium-sized manufacturer or a logistics company: the access point or entrance to your company premises should not go unsupervised. Plant protection from KÖTTER Security is the perfect solution for this. In performing gate checks, our trained security workers take responsibility for logging all incoming and outgoing vehicles and people, operating barrier systems, inspecting the entry and exit of materials, creating supplier and visitor IDs, operating truck scales, and much more.

For permanent security of the entire exterior area, our patrol services patrol your entire premises at regular intervals.

SECURITY is also writ large in administration.

There are many sensitive documents (customer data, company secrets, personnel files, etc.) in your offices that must be protected. Reception services fill an important role here. The employees assigned by KÖTTER Security monitor visitor and supplier traffic, issue visitor IDs and access control cards for the respective areas and are the ideal supplement to separate guard services and plant protection.

For smooth production

Does your company live or die by the production and sale of the products and goods it produces? Then one of the highest levels of security applies for this area. Unauthorized access must be prevented in order to prevent theft, sabotage or white-collar crime.

In addition to these external risks, however, there are also numerous internal risks to keep in mind: fire, short-circuits or technical malfunctions cannot be underestimated. With the separate guard services from KÖTTER Security, you lay the foundation for a high level of security.

Warehouse & logistics

Do you warehouse raw materials, spare parts or manufactured finished products until further processing or transport? 

Then you can't leave anything in this area to chance, either. Risks lie in wait here, as well: break-ins, theft and fire can endanger the secure flow of goods and, as a result, corporate success. Plant protection and separate guard services from KÖTTER Security preventively counteract these risks.

Security from the professionals

Germany's largest family-managed security services provider is there for you with more than 80 years of experience. KÖTTER Security relies on trained security workers who are regularly trained at our in-house KÖTTER Academy.

Our security workers have the following qualifications, among others:

  • Master of protection and security
  • Specialist in protection and security
  • Service worker in protection and security
  • Certified protection and security worker
  • Fire protection and evacuation assistant
  • Emergency response officer
  • First responder
  • Etc.

Many components – one goal

The goal of KÖTTER Security's plant protection is complete hazard defense and the integration of comprehensive preventive measures into your business processes. In combination with various security technology systems, we rely on personal security measures such as:>

  • Occupational and health safety and environmental protection
  • Reception services
  • Investigative services
  • Area guarding
  • Patrol and guard services
  • Gate checks
  • Traffic services

Your benefits

  • Minimization of previous incidents
  • Protection of capital-intensive infrastructure
  • Maintaining business operations
  • Implementation of increased (legally mandated) security requirements

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