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Infrastructural facility services for correctional facilities

Support for smooth processes in a highly sensitive sector

There are about 60,000 inmates and prisoners in the nearly 180 state correctional facilities in Germany. Administration, food, medical care and supervision of detainees represent an immense financial and personnel cost. In times of empty public coffers and overloaded public service workers, the outsourcing of non-jurisdictional duties is a sensible and secure alternative.

An overview of our services for correctional facilities

Would you like to know more about integrative judiciary solutions? Contact us; we would be happy to advise you.

Security and administrative assistance services

  • Department services
  • Security services at pedestrian and vehicle access control points
  • Auxiliary gate services
  • Staffing of security centers
  • Visiting services
  • Prisoner transports
  • Administrative assistance services
  • Mail/courier services
  • VZG
  • Clerical services

Infrastructural building services

  • Room services & laundry services
  • Maintenance cleaning
  • Glass and facade cleaning
  • Cleaning & maintenance of exterior areas

Counseling, treatment and psychological stabilization

  • Advisory services
  • Medical care
  • Psychological services
  • Social services

Employment & qualification

  • Work operations
  • Work therapy
  • Vocational training
  • Academic education

Support, entertainment, information

  • Leisure organization
  • Prison library
  • Sports
  • TV, radio, telephone


  • Procurement
  • Catering

Your advantages

  • A flexible, quality-oriented range of services, tailored to the individual facility.
  • Contractually stipulated and predictable performance of services based on actual hourly output
  • One point of contact for all questions
  • Flexible adjustment of staffing levels to the needs and situations in the facility.
  • Clear allocation of responsibilities and interfaces to client's attendants through service instructions

Integrative judiciary services

Whether as a comprehensive PPP Project or as an outsourcing model for the non-jurisdictional duties of penal institutions - public clients can trust in the expertise and many years' experience of KÖTTER Services in the field of prison and court services. In cooperation with penal institution employees, we have provided non-jurisdictional services to correctional facilities since 1993.

Our services and operations in correctional facilities are clearly defined by contract and extend from care and treatment tasks to security services to infrastructural building services. We focus on an ordered and secure institutional organization, as well as on the prisoner and his care, counseling, support and qualification, which are provided by a network of specialists.

PPP – Public Private Partnership

Pressure on public coffers, task overload and investment backlogs in the modernization of correctional facilities are pushing the "Public Private Partnership" model to the forefront of the public discussion more and more. KÖTTER judiciary services implemented a PPP pilot project in the spring of 2009, together with the Bilfinger construction company. An integrated operator model was realized in the judiciary sector for the first time together with the Burg correctional facility in Saxony-Anhalt. For the first time, the majority of non-jurisdictional services and operations were assigned to a private consortium when establishing a correctional facility - from planning to construction and financing to operation of the facility. In contrast to other service contracts, KÖTTER judiciary services takes on extensive management and material responsibility here, across nearly all departments of the facility.