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Lost your key?

Tens of thousands of keys are lost each and every year. Rarely do owners get their keys back, e.g. via a lost property office. The loss of a key is not only annoying, it is often also associated with significant costs. The key tag and key deposit solution from KÖTTER Security could be the answer...


Questions that nobody wants to ask

When you lose a key, you inevitably ask yourself an endless series of questions. Where did I last leave the key? Have I possibly lost the key? Is the key in the house, the garage, at the restaurant or lying on the street? Can the key chain now be used by anyone? Does everyone now have access to my house or my company? 

Possible follow-up costs

The loss of a key is usually associated with significant costs. In most cases, these costs are very high. For example, when having to call out a locksmith. Or when changing the locks, in order to prevent the possible danger of someone breaking in. When the loss involves a company key, the locking system itself may need to be replaced, in order to be sure. And, last but not least you will need new keys: for the front door, the mailbox, the garage, the car etc.


Solution 1: The key deposit system

The key deposit system is your “saviour” in case of an emergency. If you do not want to have to call out expensive locksmiths when you lose your key, simply access our key deposit system.
Here, you can deposit a spare key for emergencies. Should you lose your key, you will have access to your duplicate keys stored away safely and securely, 24 hours a day.
Just give us a call and we will arrange for you to have the spare keys as soon as possible.
Your key will be brought to you either immediately by KÖTTER Security Intervention Service, or you may pick the key up yourself at the KÖTTER Security branch where it has been deposited.

Solution 2: The key tag

The key tag is attached to the key chain with the keyring. The key tag is simple, but thanks to the finder's reward and its incredibly easy handling, it is a hugely effective way of preventing the irreversible loss of your keys.

And this is what the key finder looks like:


The front side of the key finder

The important details listed on the front:

  • Finder’s reward: The key tag also states that a EUR 50.00 finder’s reward will be paid for the key’s safe return! This is a real motivator for the finder, and greatly increases the likelihood of the key’s return. The finder's reward will be paid to the finder when the key is received by the KÖTTER group of companies.
  • Registration number: Based on this unique number, we are able to identify the key and inform you immediately. You, however, remain completely anonymous for the finder.

The back of the key tag

The important details listed on the back:

  • Free-call number: Using the printed “free-call” phone number, the finder can report the lost key to us. You, however, should store this number in your smartphone and inform us about any key loss. This will help speed up the process of any subsequent replacement.
  • Return address: The reverse side also lists a KÖTTER-specific return address and the note “Please deposit in the post box unpackaged”.

Once your key has been received...

... we will make sure that it is returned to you as soon as possible. We will either send your key by post (cash on delivery) or we will bring the key to you in person. Of course, you can also collect the key yourself 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Would you like more information about our services?

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