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Solar plant cleaning

Clean solar plants for clean energy

Clean solar plants guarantee higher outputs?

Annual energy losses of around 8% to 20% can occur as a result of dirty solar cells. Professional cleaning of photovoltaic plants combats this, which in turn increases your output: because only clean solar plants can reach their full performance potential.

Contamination by environmental influences

Solar cells are exposed to a variety of environmental influences at all times. These leave residues behind; gritty and fine contamination from dust, pollen, soot or sand gathers on the modules. However, mosses and lichens can grow on the plants. Bird droppings can also cause contamination.

All these impurities get in the way of direct solar radiation, lowering the energy output.

Solar plants in the agricultural industry

Photovoltaic plants in the agricultural industry are exposed to significantly higher contamination. In this instance, energy loss as a result of dirty modules can be as high as 20%.

Environmentally friendly cleaning

KÖTTER Cleaning cleans your solar plants using osmosis processes. These do not use chemicals which are harmful to the environment. The osmosis process is a special technique in which water is treated and demineralised. After liquid has been applied to the solar surfaces, it bonds with dirt particles. These can then be carefully cleaned off and removed without leaving any residue. Moreover, surfaces which have been cleaned using osmosis processes stay clean for longer.

KÖTTER Cleaning is an OQS certified solar plant cleaning company.