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Welcome on board

From arrival in the parking structure to entering the aircraft, passengers experience many different moments that have effects on the comfort level of their trip. With a variety of services, KÖTTER Security supports airport operators and airlines both with internal processes and in direct contact with air passengers. 

Not a great start

You've just snatched the last parking space on the very top of the parking structure. But what now, with your wife, your two small children and 4 suitcases, and no luggage carts anywhere in sight? 

Arriving in the airport, you realize that you are lost. A pity that there's no one at the posted information booth. 

Somehow, you manage to find your way to the right terminal after all. Jut before check-in, however, you notice that everything is utter chaos here, because an organized line of people is nowhere to be seen...When this is how passengers start their day, there is only room for improvement. 

Diverse services

So that your air passengers feel well cared for from the very start, KÖTTER Security supports airlines and airport operators with many different services, such as: 

  • Reception and information services
  • VIP service for air passengers (receiving and check-in of luggage, bulky luggage receiving, orientation assistance and quick check-in)
  • Luggage services, such as luggage cart management and storage 
  • Welcoming and orientation assistance for air passengers in their respective native language
  • Accompanying and support services for air passengers requiring assistance
  • Ticket and boarding pass checks
  • Line management for orderly queuing to check-in or security checks
  • Classical guarding activities in the airport hotel and shops
  • Parking space management
  • Driving services on the airfield (e.g. transport of air passengers from the terminal to the aircraft)
  • Passenger data capture
  • Airplane surveillance and access control 


The KÖTTER Group is one of the largest German providers of infrastructure services. In addition to a wide range of security services, we can support you nationwide with many other services, including: courier services, cleaning services for administrative or public areas and the temporary placement of personnel for events and special actions.

How can we support you in offering your air passengers perfect service? Contact us today – we would be happy to inform you.