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Our team provides relief for labour-intensive processes

No matter whether you work in retail, logistics, production, mechanical engineering, the automotive industry or in administration: We will take care of your labour-intensive processes!

We have been specialising in providing, organising and implementing labour-intensive (in-house) outsourcing projects since 1997. As KÖTTER Personal Service’s Outsourcing Division, we specialise in executing tasks and processes with the help of work and service contracts.


KÖTTER In-store logistics:

Partner to the retail and wholesale trades

Our retail specialists make sure that shelves are full, tills are manned, inventories are accurate, promotions are effective and logistics processes run smoothly. Our teams at the cash registers look after around 18 million customers a year and scan around 250 million items. In retail logistics, our team ensures that around 400,000 pallets are removed from over 13,000 trucks and placed on shelves. This makes us one of the market-leading in-store logistics partners in Germany.

Services and fields of application: In-store logistics

  • Goods clearance
  • Checking sell-by-dates
  • Pricing
  • Mirroring goods
  • Sales-orientated visual merchandising
  • Receiving and inspecting goods
  • Merchandise security

Services and fields of application: Cashier and sales

  • Case management (Cashiers)
  • Merchandising
  • Mystery shopping
  • Shop management

Services and fields of application: Service

  • Delivery service
  • Display and shelf construction
  • Shopping basket service
  • I-Point and reception
  • Kitchen and Service
  • Car park attendants

KÖTTER Project service and management:

Partners for logistics, production, industry and in administration

Freeing up space for your core business - We have been making this possible for companies in logistics, production, and all branches of industry and administration since 1997. Using work and service contracts, we assume responsibility for organising and managing your staff as well as all relevant working and ancillary processes.

Services and fields of application: Logistics

  • Incoming merchandise
  • Consignment sales
  • Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Outgoing goods
  • Loading and unloading trucks and transporters

Services and fields of application: Production and industry

  • Running production lines
  • In-house assembly tasks
  • Packaging
  • Internal transport
  • Assembling parts
  • Reworking

Services and fields of application: Administration

  • Post service
  • Telephone switchboard
  • Scanning and archiving
  • Data collection
  • Conference service
  • Subtasks in clerical work, HR, accounting, etc.

Services and fields of application: Specials

  • Interim management
  • HR services
  • Engineering
  • IT contracting
  • Outplacement

For maximum legal certainty

The legislature sets specific framework conditions for personnel (in-house) outsourcing projects. During our discussions we will advise you fully and show you what is possible
and offer you individual solutions for your project.

The following should generally be taken into account: e.g. the independent execution of all activities by the contractor,
a clear demarcation (spatial/functional/temporal) of the tasks, clear interface definitions, a detailed description of the services and the assumption of the warranty or liability of the contractor for the tasks undertaken.

Your benefits

  • Cost reduction compared to in-house management
  • Implementing a permanent core team
  • Managing employees and providing on-site support
  • Guaranteeing provisions on representation
  • Guaranteeing quality by carrying out constant inspections and evaluating analyses, plus streamlining measures
  • Liability for defects and damage
  • Motivating employees and maintaining levels of work and service quality
  • Outsourcing costs are often not considered labour costs, but material costs
  • Cost transparency (monthly flat rates and unit prices)
  • A senior partner with decades of experience

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