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Economical – Ecological – Social

We accept responsibility

As a family business with more than 80 years of history, operating with sustainability and accepting responsibility goes without saying for us. Responsibility for employees, society and for the environment.

KÖTTER Services relies on sustainable management that lays the economic, ecological and social foundation for future generations.

Economical sustainability

KÖTTER Services has been an owner-managed family business since it was founded in 1934. Independently of financial investors and shareholders, we plan for the long term and are free of short-term profit expectations.

Likewise, we plan our business relationships for the long term. An open type of communication and our customers' knowledge that they can rely on the financial stability of KÖTTER Services, independently of economic trends, create trustworthy and long-term partnerships. Our sustainability strategy also includes preparedness for innovation and investment when we recognize market opportunities that match our core competencies. Active collaboration in trade associations makes a valuable contribution here.


Ecological sustainability

As a family business, we consider ourselves responsible for leaving the environment intact for future generations. For us, this includes:

  • Training and sensitization of our employees in the area of environmental protection
  • The use of fuel-efficient and low-emission vehicles to reduce energy consumption and pollution
  • Inspection, evaluation and optimization of the environmental effects of our services and products

All of our nationwide locations have committed to make an active contribution to our environment and follow our environmental guidelines.

Social sustainability

For decades, we have supported social and charitable initiatives, as well as regional cultural institutions and sporting associations. We do this in the awareness and certainty that our support not only serves the common good, but also enables many people to have the opportunity to achieve personal goals and to make small dreams come true.

Examples of sustainability in the KÖTTER Group

  • KÖTTER Services has been an independent family business since 1934
  • Training of more than 300 new recruits over the last 10 years
  • Winner of the 2013 BDSW Education Prize
  • Member of the "Joblinge" initiative in support of disadvantaged youth
  • Member of the "Cleaner Car Contracts" initiative
  • Member of the Essen University Medicine foundation
  • Use of electric cars
  • Founding member of the Mutiger foundation in support of civil courage
  • KÖTTER Cleaning is certified according to DIN EN ISO 1400
  • KÖTTER Cash & Valuables Services uses Safebags, which have been awarded the "Blue Angel" by the Environmental Protection Agency. The Advantage: resources are spared and the CO2 consumption is significantly reduced.