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Digital and fully automatic control of 1G-, 2G- and 3G- proofs

Fast, easy and digital access management with
integrated 1G, 2G and 3G verification control

Reliable access control is more relevant than ever! After all, it's about the health of your team and the upkeep of your business activities. KÖTTER Security Covid-Access-Control offers a quick and easy solution.


In your lobby...

... we set up our self-check-in terminal "KÖTTER Security Covid-Access-Control". Arriving visitors verify their health status (vaccinated/recovered/ tested) by holding the QR code of the corresponding proof (e.g. the QR code of the vaccination certificate in the Covid Warning app) in front of the installed scanner. And in order to adhere to all legal requirements (keyword: compliance), the system can also additionally ask the arriving visitor to scan an identification document. In this case, various details of the certificate are matched with the ID document.

Secure Access

After successful verification of the desired proof of vaccination, proof of recovery or proof of testing, our system permits secure access to other areas.

This can be done, for example, by connecting to your access control technology. Upon successful verification, a door or turnstile can then be released directly. Alternatively, the terminal can use a green/red traffic light to indicate to the existing security staff that access can be permitted or denied. Instead of this traffic light function, the terminal can also print out a control slip which can be shown to the reception or security personnel.


  • Fully automatic verification of all international COVID-19 vaccination certificates from the EU area
  • Fully automated verification of recovery certificates
  • Fully automated verification of PCR test 
  • Fully automated verification of rapid antigen tests (only rapid antigen tests or test results with a QR code printed on them)
  • Fully automated verification of time limits (e.g. min. 14 days after 2nd vaccination, but not older than 6 months or max. 24 or 48 hrs. after last test)
  • User-friendly menu navigation in over 30 languages
  • GDPR-compliant logging and storage of data possible (tailored to your operational requirements)
  • Connection to existing access control technology

Your Advantages

  • Significant reduction in the risk of infection
  • Important contribution to maintaining business operations
  • Reduction of liability risks
  • Fast, time-saving verification of 2G or 3G verification
  • Logged visitor lists (e.g. for contact tracing)
  • Secure access regulations ensure increased health protection