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KÖTTER SmartControl

The electronic security log

Live information

The selective forwarding and evaluation of information is of elementary importance for continually optimizing all important processes and increasing the objective security of your business on an ongoing basis, especially in security-relevant areas.

What is KÖTTER SmartControl?

KÖTTER SmartControl is a proprietary, web-based "electronic security log." In addition to their hours, your security workers from KÖTTER Security enter all events and incidents here. The traditional security log, often characterized by illegible entries, many dog-ears and coffee stains, etc., has worn out its welcome. 

As a user, you can retrieve and evaluate all information via the web portal in real time. The time-consuming researching of information or even requesting copies from the traditional log book no longer apply.&nb

Global access to real-time information

At your American branch office and you'd like to know what the security situation is "at home" at the German corporate headquarters? No problem: with KÖTTER SmartControl, you have access to the following information in real time, from anywhere in the world:

  • Security-related notifications (crimes, fires, etc.)
  • Special incidents (freely definable)
  • Security staff hours
  • Key movements
  • Quality assurance measures
  • Etc.

Statistics and data at a glance

In addition to real-time access to security-related information, you have insight into: 

  • property-specific documents (plant security reports, service instructions, etc.)
  • data and statistics (e.g. evaluations from the watchman control system) in real time
  • information and contact information for various contacts
  • Etc.

Various components of the electronic security log are also optimized for access via tablet and smart phone.

IT Security

KÖTTER SmartControl is secure. Access to the web-based application is enabled via certified 256-bit SSL encryption. The web server is naturally secured by a firewall, updated virus scanners and other measures. This prevents unauthorized database access, among other things. 

Data Privacy

KÖTTER SmartControl meets the strictest requirements for data privacy and data security. As the central administrative services provider of the KÖTTER Group, responsible for operation and provision of the IT infrastructure, KÖTTER GmbH & Co. KG Administrative Services has been specially certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013. The resulting procedures and standards apply for all employees at all locations.

Are you interested in KÖTTER SmartControl, the "electronic security log" from KÖTTER Security? Arrange a non-binding and free consultation meeting – contact us today. 

Your benefits

  • More transparency through live statistics and freely selectable information evaluations (statistics on time periods, incidents, properties, etc.)
  • Reduced administrative expenses through automatic digital documentation of various processes, such as key movements
  • Integrated communication tool for even faster exchange of information and for accelerated coordination processes
  • Data export to Excel for further use
  • Additional services, such as viewing invoice copies, are in development
  • Global online access with 24-7 availability
  • Increased quality through electronic access option to all contractually-related documents
  • Faster information flow through automated workflows
  • More transparency through systematic data capture
  • Faster responses through prompt and detailed situation assessment
  • Upload option for photos, for archiving and preservation of evidence