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More and better visibility means more and better protection

Video surveillance as part of a comprehensive security concept is becoming more and more important. In connection with intelligent analysis software, you can observe situations from afar and proactively recognize risks before they occur. In addition, a visibly installed camera has a preventive effect on potential perpetrators.

Whether for monitoring individual access areas, an entire business premises or highly sensitive equipment, such as in research or manufacturing companies – the use of intelligent video technology provides for a security advantage.

Prevention & information

Images from professional video technology (full HD cameras, thermal imaging or infrared cameras, IP cameras, etc.) help to quickly and reliably explain incidents. Even with smaller solutions, a digital recording promptly delivers the desired image (evidence). On larger company premises or for greater security needs, direct image transmission to your own control center or the emergency and service control center of KÖTTER Security is advisable so that specialists can view the entire occurrence live and can take immediate action in case of emergency.

In connection with intelligent analysis software, KÖTTER Security offers you a variety of remote video management solutions, such as:

  • Remote perimeter safeguarding:
    detection of fence climbers for securing property boundaries and for initiating direct intervention
  • Remote LoiterSensor:
    detection of loitering duration of people in restricted areas and direct addressing of those present
  • Remote SmokeSensor:
    automated detection of possible smoke and immediate verification of the situation by analysis of live images
  • Video Guarding Tours:
    Virtual tours of your business area with event-controlled alarm triggering
  • Remote VideoAccess:
    Remote control of barriers, gates and access points, such as outside of regular working hours, following individual examination of transmitted live images

These video solutions, supplemented by an audio connection, enable employees in the KÖTTER Security emergency and service control center to intervene in the incident in real time and to directly address unauthorized parties on the premises. This allows us to help prevent damages at your business right from the start.

  • Shipment tracking:
    tracking of shipment status during the entire logistics process – from incoming goods to outgoing goods.

Data volume, data privacy and data security

Data volume, data privacy and data security are the most important deciding factors in so-called video remote solutions. To compress the transmitted data while maintaining uniformly exceptional quality, we rely on functions such as "Smart Coding," a type of intelligent bandwidth management, or "GoP" functions (Group of Picture). 

Furthermore, we offer you solutions for everything relating to data privacy compliant evaluation of live images and video recordings, as well as the subjects of data and communication encryption. As a result, your video surveillance information can also be used before a court. 

Are you interested in a professional video surveillance solution? Contact us; we would be happy to advise you.


Your benefits

  • Prevention of crimes by directly addressing potential perpetrators (already in advance of a possible act)
  • Prevention or reduction of possible consequential costs / consequential damages through early detection and timely intervention according to the action plan
  • Verification/situation evaluation of the incoming alarm based on transmitted images
  • False alarms can be recognized early and consequential costs due to unnecessary intervention measures (e.g. costly police calls) can be prevented