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In order to ensure the security of your facilities, many different components have to intermesh. These include both personnel security services (such as plant protection and area guarding) as well as security technology systems (e.g. intrusion systems, video surveillance and perimeter protection). All of the components that your business requires for maximum security are already included in our system solution KÖTTER SYMTO. And the best part: we integrate existing systems and assume the complete financing – if you like...

What does a global corporation have in common with an army barracks or a local production operation?

Quite simply: all three need reliable and comprehensive security solutions to protect people and infrastructure – even if it's at different levels. And that's where the comprehensive security solution KÖTTER SYMTO comes into play. 

The comprehensive approach

The system solution considers components from the following areas: 

  • Personnel security
  • Technical security
  • Structural security and 
  • Processes and organizational measures.

Only such a comprehensive consideration, along with the perfect interplay of all individual measures, will enable the maximum degree of security.

What does your KÖTTER SYMTO solution look like?

Which components from the field of security are relevant varies from business to business. That's why a security analysis comes at the forefront of your personalized SYMTO solution. Based on this, we create a customized security concept for you. Naturally, we also take your existing components into consideration, such as intrusion or fire alarm technology.

Security in the operator model

In addition to the concept creation and implementation of your customized security strategy, with KÖTTER SYMTO, we also take responsibility for investment in new technical systems to be installed, as well as the operation and maintenance of all components.

For you, this means: you pay a fixed sum each month over a defined period. Additional costs, such as for regular maintenance of the fire alarm technology or the replacement of a defective video camera, no longer apply.

And if your requirements for corporate security should ever change, that's no problem, either: KÖTTER SYMTO can be expanded at any time with a wide variety of components from the fields of personnel security or security technology.

What does security cost? What does SYMTO give me?

When it comes to quantifying the costs for security, often only the most well-known and public sectors are illuminated.  KÖTTER SYMTO's comprehensive approach, however, enables not only procedural but especially also economic synergistic effects. This allows you to achieve cost savings on the order of several percentage points.

Your benefits

  • Planning security

    SYMTO requires no investments, but rather creates budget security through a uniform monthly flat rate fee. No additional costs are incurred for you as a customer for maintenance, if the technology fails, or if technical components need replacing.

  • Future-proof

    Are security requirements in your business growing? No problem: thanks to a maximum of flexibility in the individual measures, we customize our solution to your needs.

  • Everything from one source

    One contact person and one contract minimize coordination efforts.

  • Keep it simple

    The regular analysis of all processes and influencing factors on security (= the comprehensive consideration) as well as their consideration in your customized security concept reduce complexity and open up significant savings potential.