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Alarm Solution

For more security in the office, practice and company

The security solution for small businesses and operations

Whether as a freelancer in an office space, a medical practitioner in your own practice or as an owner of a company – it goes without saying that you want to feel secure in your daily work environment and that your company's valuables need to be protected.

Dangers & risks

Computers, tools, sensitive data: these and many other objects are assets of your business. Protecting these assets is an important part of the continuation of your business operations. In case of loss or destruction, the continued existence of your business can be threatened, in the worst case.

The complete solution

With "Alarm Solution," KÖTTER Security offers a complete solution consisting of security technology, alarm connection and optional intervention services – everything from a single source. Motion detectors, sensors and contacts respond to broken glass, motion and other events and inform you as early as possible of potential risks. The scope of your completely personalized "Alarm Solution" can be customized for the conditions on site. And in order to be able to respond correctly in case of emergency, we interconnect Alarm Solution to the KÖTTER emergency and service control center. In case of an alarm, we coordinate the actions that have been arranged with you in advance, such as notification of the police or investigation of the situation first by the intervention services from KÖTTER Security.

Wireless transmission

The centerpiece, the hazard alarm center, is equipped with a SIM card. Alarm notifications are wirelessly transmitted to our emergency and service control center via an encrypted connection.

Starter package and optional expansions

The starter package consists of the hazard alarm center (the control component), 2 wireless motion detectors, 2 wireless door or window contacts and 1 wireless handheld transmitter. Expansions are possible for additional doors, rooms and areas, with the following components: motion detectors, smoke detectors, emergency call buttons, broken glass detectors, gas detectors and water detectors. A likewise optionally available exterior siren has a preventive effect and unmistakably signals break-in attempts, visibly and audibly.


Simple installation and high level of flexibility

Commissioning is easy. The system is already preconfigured and can be commissioned in just a few steps. 

  • Connect the central system unit to the power supply.
  • Connect the battery in the central unit and the individual detectors.
  • Enter the user code
  • Test arming/disarming

And you're done. KÖTTER Home Security is ready to operate.

Personalized configuration

With your own Internet account, you can configure KÖTTER Alarm Solution entirely according to your needs. You can also evaluate all notifications here later. Modifications due to changing conditions or requirements can be made to your system at any time.

Control via smart phone and tablet

You can log into the web portal from anywhere in the world using your smart phone or tablet and control the system, such as arming/disarming or retrieving the current status of the system.